Take your cooking game a notch higher with these simple tips

One soup that you can’t turn down is the thick, bright red-hued tomato soup. Despite putting in a lot of effort, most of us are unable to get the right colour and balanced flavours like the restaurant-style soup. If you are among those who swear by tomato soup and want to have a restaurant-like soup more often, try this genius hack by renowned celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

The chef suggested adding a carrot to tomatoes while preparing soup. This hack, according to the expert, will reduce the sourness and give it a nice colour as well.


Sharing the tip on his Instagram account, chef Sanjeev also revealed that the carrot increases the nutritional value of the soup as well. Touted as a superfood, carrots are packed with vitamin A and offer a lot of benefits besides aiding good eyesight.

In one of his Instagram posts, Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho shared the benefits of including carrots in our daily diet for better health. The expert suggested that cancer patients should always opt for organic and peeled carrots to reduce any chances of infection. “Make a carrot soup,” he wrote in his post.


Another valuable tip the expert doled out is related to chutneys. Most of us must have faced a situation when our mint chutney became watery. The chef advised adding a few peanuts while grinding. It will make the chutney taste better and it will also not become watery.

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