TIECON organises North India’s biggest start-up event: ‘If somebody has taken time to build a start-up, it is going to stay’

TIECON (The Indus Entrepreneurs), Chandigarh 2023, North India’s biggest start-up and entrepreneurial event, was organised at the Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh, on Saturday. The theme of the event was “Innovate, Impact, and Invest,” in which prominent key speakers from various government organisations, startup giants, and international delegates were present. Rajesh Mogow, Co-Founder and Group CEO of MakeMyTrip, Retd Lt Gen Kanwal Jeet Singh Dhillon, and Ashneer Grover, Founder of 3rd Unicorn, were among the key speakers. The 8th edition of the event was dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs navigate the process of building, networking, and scaling a business optimally.

Jyoti Bhardwaj, founder of TeaFit and participant at Shark Tank, while talking about the overnight Stardom, said that a lot of work goes into start-up. “So if somebody has taken the time to build it, it is going to stay. You have to keep working, and the journey is much further.” While sharing her journey as an entrepreneur, she said that her team has been working with her for the past two years; “they all stood with me in difficult times, you need a good team of people who can be the backbone of the company, and that is how it developed.”

On the theme of ‘Influencing with Purpose’, Manish Pandey, a content coach at Brand Strategist, elaborated on different content-making strategies and how an influencer plays a crucial role in content generation and targeting a specific audience. Manish emphasised how important it is to speak with care and why it is important to choose the right word. Choosing three major points to always keep in focus,” I would say, “start writing a diary, then maintain your diary for 30 consecutive days and write all the difficult things that you have faced, and then find like minded people to interact with, join groups, and have conversations with those who share the same interests as you.” Harteerath Singh, Director of the Hemkunt Foundation was among the key speakers. He has been contributing to society for a decade now. While sharing the work done during the pandemic period, Singh said that his foundation started with one oxygen cylinder in Gurgaon and went to 21 states in the country. “We not only provided oxygen to the Indians but also to the Indonesian embassy in Delhi, and we have impacted more than 40 lakh people in the span of three months.”

On talking about the love and fame that Singh has gained in Covid period, Singh said that he never imagined that this could happen, while remembering the incident when he met Ranveer Singh on an event: “Nothing was planned, and Ranveer went on stage and said sewa nu salaam hai, Ranveer Singh said that these are the guys who are doing the real work.” Singh said it was his proudest moment now Bollywood is also saluting turbans and emerging in sewa.
Ashneer Grover, founder of 3rd Unicorn, discussed politics, startups, and entrepreneurship with the audience in his candid, upfront, and outspoken way of talking. While talking about his interest in politics, Grover said, “I have enough time for politics, if I got at least 10 years to be in power, that would have a lot of impact. I believe my outspoken attitude and straightforwardness are way better than the politicians who only play with words.”
Sharing his viewpoints on jobs vs. entrepreneurship, Grover said that “every individual has a core of work, and for me that core is being an entrepreneur. I am genuinely afraid of working under someone again now, because I feel we lost our ability to self-actualise while doing jobs and we use only 20% of our thinking capacity. But on the other hand, being an entrepreneur, it becomes our duty to tackle all the problems and our brain is forced to think outside of our own boundries.”


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