UK national Kirandeep Kaur first got in touch with husband Amritpal Singh on Instagram

Fugitive Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh’s wife Kirandeep Kaur who was not allowed by the Punjab Police to fly to England from Amritsar airport Thursday was going back to her parents for the first time since her marriage in February.

Kaur who was born and brought up in England came in touch with Amritpal Singh over social media. Impressed by his activism on Sikh issues, Kirandeep Kaur, first contacted Amritpal through Instagram and sent him a message to appreciate the Khalistani sympathiser for his cause.

Kirandeep Kaur’s grandfather had gone to England from Jalandhar in 1951 and the family has been living there since then. Kaur was working in England before she came in touch with Amritpal Singh. The self-styled Sikh preacher got married to Kaur at a simple function in his native village in Amritsar on February 10.

Amritpal Singh had said that his marriage with Kirandeep Kaur, whom he met over social media, was an example of reverse migration. After the wedding ceremony, Amritpal told reporters that his wife, a British citizen, would live with him in Punjab. “We want Punjabis to return to Punjab and settle here,” he had said.

He had kept his marriage a low key affair and no picture of Kirandeep Kaur was released. Amritpal Singh had said during an interview that his wife was not interested in politics. She remained low profile after marriage. However, she hit the news when Punjab Police officials allegedly questioned her at her in-law’s house in Jallupur Khera where she was living since marriage. The police never confirmed the motive of questioning.

In the interview, Kaur said that Amritpal had discussed with her the possible risks she may have to face if she marries him and the chances of her landing in trouble.

Kirandeep Kaur had a 180-day visa to stay in India. It was the second time that she had come to India on a six-month visa in the last one year. Kaur had said that she would have to go back to England due to visa issues but would come back.

Kaur was detained by the Punjab Police Thursday due to a Look Out Circular issued against her. Immigration officials stopped Kaur and did not allow her to board Air India Flight No 117 from the Amritsar airport to Birmingham, which departed at 2.30 pm. Amritpal Singh has been on the run since March 18 after a police crackdown against him and the members of his Waris Punjab De outfit. On March 18, he escaped the police in the Jalandhar district by switching vehicles and changing appearances but returned to Punjab on March 28.


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