Water level in Ukai dam dips to 48% of capacity

With the start of summer, the water level in Ukai dam – constructed across the Tapti River – near Surat has reduced to 48 per cent of its capacity.

Officials said while the water level was recorded at 321 cusecs on Saturday afternoon, Ukai dam at present has 3,876 million cubic metre of water. The dam daily discharges 7,900 cusec of water, of which 500 cusec is used by the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and 7,200 cusec by farmers for irrigation purposes.

Ukai Dam superintendent engineer Pratap Vasava said, “While the dam is 48 per cent empty at present, the stored water is enough for the summer and monsoon seasons.”

According to data from SMC’s hydraulic department, April this year has seen an increase in water consumption at 1,500 MLD (million litre per day). In 2018, the city consumed 1,127 MLD, followed by 1,179 MLD in 2019, 1,241 MLD in 2020, 1,315 MLD in 2021 and 1,385 MLD in 2022.

The SMC, meanwhile, is looking into ghost water connections in the city. “The population of Surat city is over 70 lakh… We are looking for ghost connections or water thefts in SMC jurisdiction,” civic body Standing Committee Chairman Paresh Patel said.


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