When Katrina Kaif addressed the rumour that she gate-crashed Tamasha wrap party and made Deepika Padukone ‘awkward’

Katrina Kaif’s personal life has always been out of bounds. While the actor is now married to Vicky Kaushal, and occasionally shares glimpses of their married life together, for many years, she had a rule that she would not discuss her personal matters in the press. In an old interview from around the time she was promoting her film Phantom, Katrina addressed the rumours that are often floated about her in the press, and how she deals with them.

She was specifically asked about the rumour that she gate-crashed the wrap party of director Imtiaz Ali’s film Tamasha, which starred her then-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and his ex-girlfriend, Deepika Padukone, which created an ‘awkwardness’ between her and Deepika. She told CNN-News18, “I read that too. And when I was reading that, I wanted to ask the person, when you think of Katrina, do you think I’m very silly? When you think of Ranbir, do you think of a silly person? When you think of Deepika, do you think of a silly person? No, we’re not silly, foolish people. We’re not. I don’t go storming onto the set or a place if I’m not invited, or if I’m not meant to be there.”

She continued, “I think these people have wild imaginations. But at the same time, I can’t blame anyone, because I will not, have not, and probably will not continue to do so for a while, speak in detail about what goes on in my personal life.” Katrina emphasised that she doesn’t see herself as ‘somebody’s other half or somebody’s partner’.

Katrina and Ranbir reportedly dated for over half a decade, but called it quits around 2016. Ranbir is now married to Alia Bhatt, Deepika is married to Ranveer Singh, and Katrina tied the knot with Vicky in 2021. She will next be seen in the third Tiger film, alongside Salman Khan.


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