When Maria Goretti shared a hilarious video about her ‘forgetfulness hormone’

Most of us boasted of an incredible memory when we were younger. However, as we grew old, our recollection abilities took a hit, making us difficult to remember things which were at our fingertips earlier. TV host and chef Maria Goretti faced something similar as she gave everyone a peek into her “forgetfulness hormone” with a hilarious video. “And before I go to bed…Let me leave you with some ‘reality bytes’. Behind the scenes madness for our ‘Women’s Day‘ piece,” she wrote, alongside a clip of her struggling to remember her lines during a shoot.

Maria recounted a time when she had a better memory. “There was a time in my life when I had an elephantine memory. I would read my textbooks and remember everything. All my elocution pieces, debates, etc,” she said, adding that while she was “petrified on stage”, she knew she would remember everything she had to say.

She added that at a time when teleprompters have made it easy to say things without really memorising them by heart, she would still remember everything. “In the time of no teleprompters and guerilla shoots, I would memorise huge scripts stand in the middle of traffic (because that was cool) and say my piece to the camera, with no retakes,” Maria continued.

However, the same doesn’t stand true anymore as she tends to forget stuff now, she admitted. “But, ha ha ha! Today, I am ‘Dory’. I forget stuff…a lot sometimes. I, sometimes, can’t remember the words I have penned down,” she said, adding that when she works now, she makes keynotes and gets onto the stage with papers in her hand. “Plaster a smile on my face and walk towards the audience…And it just comes back like magic.”

Maria quipped that knowing she has a chance to do a retake makes her forget things. “But when I am in front of a camera now, and I know I have a chance for a retake…my forgetfulness hormone kicks in…and says ‘Hi, I’m staying for a bit, you can keep trying’.”

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