Woman ventures out of car in the middle of safari, gets attacked by tiger. Watch video

Jungle safaris need to be done cautiously and without provoking the wildlife. Several incidents of deaths and injuries to both wildlife and humans have been reported. A woman’s callous behaviour had an adverse impact as she was attacked by a tiger after she ventured out of a car during a safari. A hair-raising video shot in 2016 showing the tiger attack has gone viral on social media.

The old clip shared from Twitter handle Crazy Clips shows the woman getting out of the driver seat. She goes to the other side of the car and her husband opens the door. While she stands, a tiger approaches her. She is seen dragged to the other side and the terrified people inside the car go out to save her.

“Woman gets out of the car to argue with her husband while inside a Tiger Safari,” read the caption of the clip. Since being shared on Thursday, the clip has amassed more than 6.7 million views on Twitter.

Several users ridiculed the woman’s behaviour. A user commented, “That doesn’t even make sense she’s in the car already no need to get out to argue.” Another user wrote, “REASONS FOR THIS MISHAP 1. Poor safety procedures on part of forest officials 2. Anger ! (Gender neutral) 3. Not adhering to briefing 4. Allowing private vehicles in an area where it shouldn’t be allowed.” A third user wrote, “It reminds me scene from Jurassic park.”

The New York Times report said the incident happened at Badaling Wildlife World, an animal park in China’s Beijing in 2016. The woman’s mother who tried to rescue her was mauled to death by the tiger. The Legal Evening News, based in Beijing reported that the woman had an argument with her husband when she ventured out while The Beijing News quoted a family friend as saying that the couple were not fighting. The woman had severe injuries, the husband was uninjured and their children were safe inside the car.


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