Zeenat Aman on ‘the great misunderstanding’ Dev Anand had about her relationship with Raj Kapoor: ‘I felt humiliated, hurt…’

Zeenat Aman on Friday concluded her series of posts about Dev Anand with a clarification about her relationship with Raj Kapoor. Anand believed that Kapoor and Aman shared a relationship beyond that of a director and actor. In his autobiography titled Romancing With Life, Anand wrote about how his relationship with Aman came to an end because of Kapoor.

Aman began her post by sharing how Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor were the ‘golden trio’ who ‘shaped Hindi cinema’. She wrote, “When I embarked on my cinematic career, It was the age of the Golden Trio. The genius of Dev saab, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor was widely acknowledged, and any actor worth their salt recognised that these three giants had shaped and were shaping Hindi cinema.”

Zeenat Aman made her Bollywood debut as Dev Anand’s sister in 1971’s Hare Rama Hare Krishna. After getting launched into the industry by a star like Anand, Aman was “keen to broaden my portfolio”. Hence, she went on to star in several films, some with Anand and some without him. Meanwhile, Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia’s Bobby became a huge hit and Aman had this urge to work under the RK banner.

Aman shared the screen with Raj Kapoor in Vakil Babu and Gopichand Jasoos. But she only got a chance to be directed by him in Satyam Shivam Sundaram. She shared, “I was giddy to have been cast for Raj ji’s unconventional project, and put heart and soul into it. I was completely unaware that Dev saab was simultaneously misreading the situation.”

Though Dev Anand never said anything to Zeenat Aman, she was heartbroken to read about his opinion on her and Kapoor’s relationship in his autobiography. “Years later, in 2007, ‘Romancing with Life’, Dev Saab’s autobiography hit the stands. In it he professed that he was in love with me, and insinuated that Raj ji and I had more than a director-actor equation which broke his heart,” shared Aman.

Dev Anand had written in his autobiography, “After the premiere of Ishk Ishk Ishk at Metro cinema, Raj Kapoor kissed Zeenat in full view of the invited audience, congratulating her for her sparkling performance in the film. That must have made her evening all the more sparkling. Yet, I was jealous of him for making advances on what I considered my sole possession, my discovery, my leading lady, and desiring her with a kiss.”

After reading what the actor wrote, Zeenat Aman was hurt. She added, “To be honest, I was livid. I felt humiliated, hurt and disconcerted that Dev saab, my much older mentor, a person I loved and admired platonically, would not only believe such a story devoid of a shred of truth, but would then go on to publish it for the world to read. For weeks my phone rang incessantly as friends inquired about ‘what really happened’ and shared excerpts from the book. I never did read it though, and in my anger I consigned the copy I was sent to storage in the basement!”

Though Aman felt ’embarrassed’ when she read the book, now she has made peace with it and also doesn’t have any harsh feelings for the Johny Mera Naam actor.

Zeenat Aman wrote, “So here it is – the great misunderstanding. This episode embarrassed me deeply. For years I felt unable to talk about it to set the record straight. But now, time has granted me perspective and peace. Human folly is an eternal truth, and we all fall victim at one point or another.”

Now, she doesn’t ‘tolerate’ any disrespect to the name of Dev Anand. Aman concluded, “I will always remember Dev saab for his rare talent and warm guidance. He has my earnest gratitude and I do not tolerate disrespect to his name.”


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