NFL 2022: US turns on $100m Aussie Philadelphia Eagles star Jordan Mailata, reaction, Vs Houston Texans


Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata has learned the hard way that you’re only as good as your last game.

The 166kg, 203cm Aussie from Bankstown in Sydney’s west has impressed in his brief career, going from a prospect to a bona fide star in one of the key positions for the undefeated Eagles.

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But despite a 29-17 win over the Houston Texans on Thursday night football, it was an absolute shocker for Mailata.

The hulking Aussie is on a monster contract worth a reported $US64 million ($A99m) and up to $US80 million ($A123 million) and fans expectations are high.

A fourth year player, Mailata was roasted after two sacks in three plays by Texans star Jerry Hughes and drew plenty of criticism for his performance.

“There he is again and it’s just becoming a mismatch on the left side with Mailata, using that quickness,” Kirk Herbstreit said in commentary for Amazon Prime.

“Right now he’s dominating the left side of that offence.”

Philly Voice’s Kyle Neubeck wrote: “Philadelphia did not have a banner night in pass protection, and a lot of the ire can be directed at Jordan Mailata, who struggled with Houston’s edge rushers throughout the game.

“The Eagles have been so good in the trenches this year and historically that I think it has been easy to take their dominance upfront for granted, and this was a reminder of how quickly your offence can be sent off kilter through no fault of the QB or skill position guys.”

But while the US was turning on Mailata, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni took the blame off the Aussie giant.

He said Mailata frustrated by the sacks but that he was really the one to blame.

“You know, I’m going to take full responsibility for both of those (because) we weren’t synched up,” he said. “We were not synched up with our protection and our route concepts and that’s 100 per cent on me and nobody else.

“There was a concept we were running and one side was quick game and the other side was more rhythm game and I didn’t teach the read well enough with Jalen and we kind of got into a pure progression instead of a split-field read, and what ended up happening was we got caught with the ball in our hand and we had to hold it a little bit and Jordan was just taking the set we told him to and that’s going to happen.

“I screwed him up on both of those. Jordan beats himself up about it, but I should be beating myself up about it more and I am.

“Full responsibility on both of those sacks are on me. So when we put our tape up on Monday when the guys get back in, every time we put our tape up, peoples’ numbers are up there if they did the wrong thing.

“And on both of those it’s going to say ‘loss,’ it’s going to say ‘dash,’ and it’s going to say ‘Nick.’ And nobody else. Because I screwed that up.”

However, it didn’t stop fans sticking the boot into Mailata.

Chat Sports’ Chase Senior tweeted: “Rough night for Jordan Mailata. Gave up two sacks just on that drive. Jerry Hughes beating him badly tonight.”

Locked on Birds podcast host Louie DiBiase wrote: “Rare that Jordan Mailata gets schooled like that multiple times.”

NBC Sports’ Reuben Frank posted: “I wonder if Mailata is banged up and playing through something. He doesn’t look like himself. That Houston front should not be dominating the Eagles’ o-line like that.”

Despite the issues, the Eagles remain the only undefeated team in the NFL at 8-0.

Originally published as NFL fans slam $100m Aussie star Jordan Mailata