About 100 protesters staged a sit-in at a U.S. Capitol today. AFP

New Delhi:

About a hundred demonstrators, many of them Jews, protested outside the US Congress today, shouting slogans against the Israeli offensive in Gaza and calling on the Joe Biden administration to push for a ceasefire.

The demonstrators wore black T-shirts that read “Jews now say ceasefire” and “Not in our name.” Many of them wore the Kippa, the traditional Jewish hat.

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The demonstrators occupied a convention building, the Canon Rotunda, and began chanting and waving banners. Many of them were arrested.

“We warned the protesters to stop demonstrating, and when they did not comply, we began arresting them,” the U.S. Capitol Police’s official ID on X said.

The protest was organized by the Jewish Voice for Peace, a Jewish anti-Zionist organization, the AFP news agency reported.

Photo credit: AFP

Linda Holtzman, 71, a rabbi from Philadelphia, called for an immediate ceasefire and urged Biden to “open his eyes,” AFP reported.

“Biden is really the only one who has the power to put pressure on Israel right now, and he needs to use that power to save innocent lives,” said Hannah Lawrence, 32, a Vermont native.

“Look at what’s happening in Gaza. Look at the devastation in Gaza,” Holtzman told AFP. “If you want to live with yourself, you have to stand up and stop the genocide. I demand an immediate ceasefire.”

Photo credit: AFP

Images on social media showed police officers leading the handcuffed protesters away and removing the banners. Dramatic images also showed Republican congressman Brandon Williams waving an Israeli flag in a sign of solidarity as protesters demanding a ceasefire staged a sit-in.

Hamas’ attacks on Israel on October 7 and the brutal counterattack have claimed almost 4,800 lives so far. The global outcry calling for an immediate end to hostilities in the Gaza Strip has grown louder after an attack on a hospital left hundreds of people dead. While Hamas accused Israeli forces of attacking the hospital, Tel Aviv denied involvement in the bombing and said a rocket misfired by Hamas-allied Islamic Jihad led to the tragedy.

US President Biden reached Tel Aviv yesterday and met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During their meeting, Biden told the Israeli prime minister that his visit was for a “simple reason.” “I want the people of Israel and the people around the world to know where the United States stands,” he said, adding that 33 American citizens were among the victims of Hamas attacks. “They have committed evils and atrocities that make ISIS seem a little more rational,” he said, adding that “Hamas does not represent the entire Palestinian people and has only brought them suffering.”

The US president said he was “deeply saddened” and “outraged” by the hospital explosion. “Based on what I saw, it appears that it was done by the other team and not by you,” he told Netanyahu, publicly supporting Israel’s position.

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