A few months after a Trumpist mob marched through the halls of the US Capitol calling for the summary execution of Mike Pence, the former vice president formed a political advocacy group aiming to build on “the success of the past four years.”

From its inception, Pence’s group Advancing American Freedom has defended the “junk fees” — hidden fees for everything from airfare to concert tickets — that the Biden administration is trying to eliminate. The argument against an EPA requirement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is the dubious argument that “car seat laws act as an unintended ‘prevention’.” And earlier this month it revived the widely discredited theory that abortion causes breast cancer.

On YouTube, Advancing American Freedom released an hour-long Zoom presentation by surgeon and anti-abortion activist Angela Lanfranchi to the group Anglicans for Life, a staunch supporter of the debunked claim that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer.

In her presentation, Lanfranchi focused on what she felt was a momentous moment in this debate. In 2003, after dozens of anti-abortion opponents pressured the George W. Bush Department of Health and Human Services over the issue, the National Cancer Institute brought together more than 100 experts in pregnancy and breast cancer research for a three-day workshop to examine the conjecture examine linkage. At the summit, scientists “reviewed existing population, clinical and animal studies” and concluded that there was no evidence that having an abortion or miscarriage increases a person’s risk of breast cancer.

Lanfranchi claimed that this was the moment they were “trying to really crush.” [the theory] recommending that there should be no further studies.” She likened the gathering of over 100 scientists at the National Cancer Institute to “the book”. 100 essays against Einsteininstigated by the Nazi government in 1938 to discredit ‘Jewish science’.” (Later in the presentation, she compared herself to the biblical figure St. Sebastian, a Christian martyr who was shot through with arrows for destroying his truth said.)

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The vast majority of scientists and medical organizations that have studied the topic disagree with Lanfranchi’s claim. The most powerful study on the subject, published in 1997 before the NCI meeting, examined the health records of more than a million women in Denmark; It was found that abortion has “absolutely no effect” on breast cancer.

Since the National Cancer Institute held its summit in 2003, numerous other studies have come to the same conclusion, including a study this year with data from more than 100,000 women in France; a 2004 lancet meta-analysis of more than 50 existing studies; a 2006 study of a quarter of a million women in nine countries; a 2007 Harvard study of more than 100,000 women; and a 2008 study of California teachers, to name a few.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition, the American Cancer Society, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the World Health Organization all agree that there is no link.

Pence’s spokesman did not respond immediately Rolling Stones Please comment on the video.


It’s not the first time Pence – now one of the most vocal abortion candidates for the presidency – has joined groups spreading misinformation about abortion and breast cancer. During the 2020 campaign, he visited Gateway Women’s Care, a crisis pregnancy center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, which incorrectly identifies breast cancer as a “long-term physical risk” of abortion.

For all the breast cancer scare mongering that Pence has joined, as US Representative he led a crusade to end Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding, which funded breast screening among other things. As part of the Trump administration, he saw that dream come true when the network was locked out of the Title X program. The Biden administration has since reversed Trump policy.

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