Sean Kirkpatrick will retire next month.

The head of the Pentagon’s UFO investigation division will resign in December, the Defense Department said. Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), announced his retirement after a 27-year career with the department and the United States Intelligence Community. He announced his plans after leading the department for 18 months. He explained that sightings of objects flying in the skies over the United States were either aliens or technology from rival nations.

“I’m ready to move on. I have achieved everything I said I would,” Mr Kirkpatrick said Politically. He said he wanted to “complete the first volume of a historical review of the problem of unidentified anomalous phenomena” before leaving office.

Mr Kirkpatrick warned about the presence of UFOs after investigating more than 800 cases during his tenure as director, and although there has been no clear evidence of aliens so far, he found the alternative far scarier. “If we don’t prove they’re aliens, we’ll find evidence that other people are doing things in our backyard. And that’s not good,” he added.

The announcement comes barely a week after Mr. Kirkpatrick said AARO would establish a reporting mechanism for current and former U.S. federal employees and contractors who have witnessed U.S. government actions related to unidentified anomalous phenomena.

The system was set up just months after former US intelligence official David Grusch testified before Congress that the Pentagon had recovered destroyed vehicles of unknown origin that contained “non-human biologics.” Mr. Kirkpatrick claimed that he frequently asked Mr. Grusch for additional evidence to support his claims and received no response. The Pentagon has insisted it was not aware of any reverse engineering efforts, missile recovery or discoveries related to “non-human biologics.”

The Department of Defense praised Kirkpatrick’s leadership and recognized him for building the organization’s first publicly accessible website, increasing AARO’s transparency. “His commitment to transparency with the U.S. Congress and the American public regarding UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) leaves a legacy that the department will carry on as AARO continues its mission. Our department is stronger and better prepared for future scientific and national security challenges because.” “I recognize Sean’s outstanding service to our country,” it said in a statement.

Tim Phillips will serve as deputy director of AARO until the Pentagon appoints a permanent replacement, according to a Defense Department statement.

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