Peter Gonzales Falcon, the Texas actor who starred in ” Roma, the famous Italian director’s 1972 autobiographical film, has died. He was 75.

Gonzales Falcon was found dead Tuesday at his home in La Pryor, Texas, after authorities conducted a security clearance there, his friend Aurelio Montemayor said The Hollywood Reporter.

After dropping out of college after being cast viva max (1969), a quirky contemporary comedy about the retaking of the Alamo, for which Fellini himself hired Gonzales Falcon Romawith guest appearances by Anna Magnani, Marcello Mastroianni and Gore Vidal.

Parts of the film depict Gonzales Falcon as Fellini in the 1930s and 40s, after the future filmmaker came to Rome to pursue a career in journalism and roamed the city to experience what it had to offer. He worked on the documentary for 41 weeks, he told author Tom Lisaanti during an in-depth interview in 2018.

Fellini “was wonderful and always kind and nice to me,” he said. “However, I’ve seen him throw seizures when someone doesn’t give him what he wants. I never had any problems with him. Then and now I think, “What’s so bad, let’s just do the scene.”

“He was really intelligent, a genius. He had his vision and revelations for every scene, right down to the sets and costumes – every stitch to his specifications, divinely directed I guess. It was great to see Fellini direct.”

Gonzales Falcon told Lisaanti that his agent had planned work for him in other Italian films, but a family death in Texas forced him to return home and he did not accompany him Roma when it was shown in Cannes.

Peter Gonzales Falcon with Fiona Florence in 1972’s “Roma” Everett

Gonzales Falcon grew up in La Pryor and was a student at Texas State University in 1968 when he accompanied a friend to an open audition viva max. Spotted by director Jerry Paris, he was cast as one of the soldiers serving under a Mexican general (Peter Ustinov) plotting to retake the Alamo.

Gonzales Falcon continued the film by shooting interiors at Cinecittà Studios in Rome, then moved to London for a year after completion to work as a model. During manufacture RomaHe also starred as a man in a psychiatric hospital L’ospite (1971), directed by Liliana Cavani.

He made several films in Mexico before trying his hand at Hollywood, appearing in a 1974 episode of Policewoman and as a man playing the character of Joanne Woodward The end (1978), directed and starring Burt Reynolds.

Gonzales Falcon also collaborated heartbreaker (1983) starring Miguel Ferrer and in the 1986 CBS TV movie Houston: The Legend of Texas, starring Sam Elliott. He then played a police chief in Gregory Nava’s Texas set border town (2007) with Jennifer Lopez and Martin Sheen.

More recently, he portrayed a fake Italian chef Tiramisu for two (2016) and appeared in the horror film Dis (2018) was celebrated at the 2018 Amarcort Film Festival – an annual event dedicated to Fellini – and taught filmmaking.

Survivors include his daughters Ariana and Talula, and sister Maria.

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