Protesters from Jakarta to Tunis have taken to the streets to demand an end to the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip after nearly two weeks of intense air and artillery attacks that Palestinian authorities said killed 4,100 people.

Some Western governments have expressed support for Israel’s military campaign after the Palestinian group Hamas killed more than 1,400 people in an attack on southern Israel, according to Israeli authorities. Many Muslim states have called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with many of their populations angered by humanitarian conditions in the besieged area and expressing solidarity with the Palestinians.

An estimated 6,000 people took to the streets in the Jordanian capital Amman to protest the ongoing attack on Gaza. Some shouted slogans calling on Hamas to step up its attacks on Israel.

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters gathered at the western Trebil border crossing near Jordan in a demonstration organized by the Coordination Framework, an alliance of Iran-backed Shiite political groups and militias in Iraq.

Thousands of Egyptians demonstrated in cities across the North African country in a show of solidarity with Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

In Turkey, where the government has declared three days of mourning for Gaza, thousands of people protested outside mosques after Friday prayers in Istanbul and the capital Ankara.

People of different nationalities gathered at the Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Mosque in Doha, Qatar, to express solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and protest against the Israeli attack.

After Friday prayers, they waved flags, carried banners and shouted slogans calling for a “Free Palestine” and an end to the Israeli occupation.

“We are here today against the atrocities of the Zionists in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine. They’ve been doing this since 1948, that’s when they kicked us out and now they’re trying to do it in Gaza too,” said Palestinian Yousef Kiblawi, 49, a manager at an oil and gas company in Qatar.

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