Poster at railway station promotes civic sanitation with iconic dialogue from Deewar


One of the most persistent problems often seen in public spaces in India is paan stains that are left on walls and corners of public buildings.

Cautioning people against such a practice in a hilarious way, a Twitter user shared a photo of a witty poster from a railway station and it would leave you laughing it loud.

The poster imitates an iconic dialogue from the 1975 blockbuster Deewar but with a twist. In the poster, the railway authorities announce, “Khabardar, Deewar par idhar-udhar mat thookna, varna 500 rupay lagayga jurmana”. This warning roughly translates to, “Caution. Do not spit paan here and there, otherwise you will be fined for Rs. 500.”

On Monday, a Twitter user who goes by the name Prasanna (@prasannapahade) shared a picture of this poster. While tweeting the picture he wrote, “@Central_Railway @RailMinIndia cool message at Belapur Railway station. It will be good to see more witty posts. Competition to @MumbaiPolice for social message with humor”.

In response to this tweet, the Mumbai police, known for their engaging social media presence, wrote, “Our social media team is also eagerly waiting for similar social messages. Let’s create an ideal society and enjoy freedom with mutual cooperation of police and public. #IndiaAt75 #MumbaiPolice”.

While this poster is being seen as an example of smart public communication, however not all public service announcements are effective. In May this year, a photo of the Covid-19 awareness poster put up at the Darbhanga airport in Bihar went viral as netizens noted numerous “misspelt” Hindi words in it.