At a meeting with members of the government, Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly asked the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Alexander Kozlov, how old the ice in Antarctica was.

The figure of 1.2 million years surprised the head of state. The strange moment occurred during a discussion about the activities of Russia’s Vostok station in Antarctica.

Kozlov announced that “Last year, thanks to the work of our mining university since the 70s, scientists recovered a core from a depth of more than 3.5 kilometers.” [a cylindrical sample] from ice that is approximately 1,200,000 years old.”

Putin immediately interrupted Kozlov’s report, who was surprised when the president asked: “Alexander Alexandrovich, if this core is 1,200,000 years old, that means there was ice in this place for 1,200,000 years, right?” Or what ?”

“Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich, that is absolutely correct,” replied Kozlov, and immediately explained how Russia plans to incorporate the results of this research into the global discussion on climate change.

However, Putin was keen to learn more about the formation and age of this ice.

“Maybe the water didn’t freeze 1,200,000 years ago, but closer to us? Is that possible?” Putin asked again.

But he didn’t get the more detailed answer he expected from Kozlov, who replied: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, this is atmospheric ice.” So far, science says it is as I said the first time.”

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“All right, all right,” the president now seemed to have resigned himself to the fact that he would hear nothing more and continued with the discussion of funding for the Antarctic station project.

This situation led to a wave of jokes, questions and confusion among commentators, who linked questions about ice cream to recent rumors about Putin’s “death” and claims that his body was being stored in a freezer.

A comment from “Victor Z” on the video suggested that Putin was keen to find out the age of the ice for his personal use in the future.

“So if ice can last 1,200,000 years, maybe I can too?”

Petr Altunin asked: “Maybe he decided to move there from the refrigerator?”

Polina Lebedeva said: “Just need a new one for the fridge”

Someone named Thumbelina said even more clearly: “Well, Putin is now an expert in freezing, after all, it has been in the refrigerator for two weeks)))

Some users joked that it might not have been Vladimir Putin who asked the question, but rather his doppelganger:

A post from Text said: “The man is new so he is interested in everything and goes into details. Why are you bothering?”

The discussion about the age of Antarctica’s ice took place at a meeting with members of Antarctica Kremlin government, where they discussed Russians’ debt burden, tax breaks for sports, heritage sites and the fight against cancer.

This prompted Muratov Anatoly to remark: “How smart our president is! No one can deceive him, he knows everything, even that ice is frozen water!”

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