• Former Robert De Niro employee Graham Chase Robinson has been sued for embezzlement and accused of watching Netflix shows, including “Friends,” during work hours.
  • Robinson filed a counterclaim against De Niro.
  • The legal dispute between De Niro and Robinson remains unresolved.

Robert De Niro is one of the most legendary actors of our time and has starred in some of Hollywood’s most classic films, including The Godfather, Meet the Parents, Analyze This, Cape Fear and most recently the hit film Killers of the Flower Moon. . He is popular all over the world not only for his acting talent but also for his brave yet down-to-earth personality. However, the veteran actor is notoriously private and prefers not to reveal many aspects of his personal life to the public.

Nevertheless, some details about his private affairs leak to the media. For example, the respected actor’s two divorces made headlines, most recently the divorce of his ex-wife Grace Hightower and his current girlfriend and mother of his seventh child, Tiffany Chen. But what happened when one of Robert De Niro’s former employees sued him and vice versa?

Robert De Niro fired his employee for watching friends at work

In 2019, Robert De Niro founded his production company Canal Productions, filed a nearly $6 million lawsuit against a former employee for embezzlement.

This employee’s name was Graham Chase Robinsonwho had worked for Canal Productions as vice president of production and financee for almost eleven years, from 2008 to 2019.

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In De Niro’s lawsuit against Robinson, he claimed that, among other irresponsible things, she spent an astronomical amount of time watching Netflix, specifically the television series Arrested Development and Schitt’s Creek, during the hours she was supposed to be working. That was also claimed The former employee had used the Canal Productions credit card worth thousands of dollars to pay for the streaming service and other accommodations such as hotel stays, five-star dinner reservations, Uber rides, grocery shopping and earning the company’s frequent flyer miles to fly to various vacation destinations.

But what continues to dominate the headlines most is the fact that this was the case in De Niro’s lawsuit claimed that Graham Chase Robinson had watched up to 55 episodes of Friends in four days when she was supposed to work.

Lawyers for De Niro and Canal Productions issued the following statement in the $6 million lawsuit against Robinson:

Watching shows on Netflix was in no way part of or related to the duties and responsibilities of Robinson’s employment. According to information and belief, this was done for her entertainment, amusement and pleasure at times when she was being paid for the work.

Aside from that, The lawsuit stated that Robinson resigned from the company in disgrace because she allegedly sabotaged the company. The lawsuit alleges that despite being relieved of her duties, Robinson asked for a letter of recommendation from De Niro, which he unsurprisingly refused.

In response, Robinson sued Robert De Niro for $12 million for sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

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According to the legal documents Robinson claimed her former boss Robert De Niro used vulgar language within their hearing and also against them; Additionally, She claims the actor was sexist and often made misogynistic and lewd comments to her and in front of others at work.


For example, Robinson claimed that he called a colleague the C-word and often referred to her (Robinson) as his office lady. The former employee went further, claiming that the actor frequently made “gratuitous unwanted physical contact” with her.

Robinson’s lawyers also said the following against De Niro:

Robert De Niro is someone who clings to old morals. He does not accept the idea that men should treat women as equals. He doesn’t care that gender discrimination in the workplace is against the law. Ms Robinson is a victim of this attitude.

Aside from that, Robinson claimed that the allegations made against her about embezzlement of funds and watching television during work hours were false and had significantly damaged her reputation and made it difficult to find employment.

The The case between Robert De Niro and his former Canal Production employee Graham Chase Robinson remains unsolved almost four years after each party filed counterclaims.

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However, details of the trials have become increasingly important, especially since De Niro’s success in the legendary film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” directed by Martin Scorsese and starring respected actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

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According to a report in the Daily Mail Robert De Niro lost his temper during the trial after Robinson’s lawyers made several new allegations against him. Some of those claims alleged that De Niro once asked Robinson to scratch his back, went to the bathroom while he was on the phone with her, and repeatedly called her a bitch.

De Niro suddenly stated in court about the shocking allegations against his character:

I have never expressed the disrespect, offensiveness, or insanity that you implied. Shame on you, Chase Robinson! Thank God! I’m sorry. Maybe I was in the bathroom. I didn’t know I was talking. Light up! That’s why you brought us all here today?’

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Additionally, Robinson claimed that De Niro and his current girlfriend and mother of his child, Tiffany Chen had encouraged him to force her out of the workplacea claim De Niro vehemently denied.

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Robinson’s lawyers then provided alleged evidence of the exchange between Chen and De Niro about Robinson via email:

If you keep her (Robinson), you and I will have problems. I don’t know why you don’t see it. You don’t want to see it because you’re too close to her.

De Niro explained that while his girlfriend was talking to him about Robinson, she wanted to bring her problematic and unacceptable workplace behavior to light. He added:

Nobody tells me what to do in my office. Period!

What was perhaps even more salacious was an email in which Chen told De Niro that she had it on good authority that Robinson had an unrequited crush on him.

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