Henwick and Garner play two backpackers who have an out-of-control job as barmaids in the Australian thriller.

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The big picture

  • The Royal HotelDirected by Kitty Green, it is a narrative adaptation of Pete Gleeson’s documentary Hotel CoolgardieIt focuses on two Finnish girls who face hostility and aggression when they take a job as barmaids in an outback pub.
  • Liv and Hanna, played by Jessica Henwick and Julia Garner, are forced to work at the Royal Hotel because they run out of travel money. The pub’s owner, Billy (Hugo Weaving), enables bad behavior from the local men, creating an increasingly tense and unsafe environment for the women.
  • The Royal Hotel reunites Julia Garner and Kitty Green, who have previously worked together The assistanta film about sexual harassment.

Neon sends Jessica Henwick And Julia Garner into the outback with the first trailer for The Royal Hotelthe director’s second narrative film Kitty Green. Her latest work is a narrative adaptation of Pete Gleesonis the documentary from 2016 Hotel Coolgardie It told the harrowing story of two young Finnish girls who quickly encountered the isolation of a small town and the hostility of male patrons when they took a job as barmaids. In the trailer, Henwick and Garner’s Liv and Hanna are seen facing the same predicament as their backpacking trip leads them to the titular bar, where everything spirals out of control.

The Royal Hotel Liv and Hanna are forced to live as guests in the middle of the outback after their travel budget runs out. Although they initially see it as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, the local mining town makes them nervous as there is no end to male aggression. It’s no different at the Royal Hotel, where the owner Billy (Hugo weaving) enables men’s worst behavior, even intervening when they go way too far. Between all the unwanted advances and threats they face from drunken guests, each scene becomes more tense and uncomfortable as the women, especially Hanna, become increasingly concerned for their safety.

With The Royal Hotel, Garner may reunite with Green on a similar project to their last collaboration. She previously directed Green’s first narrative film, The assistant, which chronicles a day in the life of a junior assistant at a film production company that fosters a culture of sexual harassment and abuse under her repugnant boss. While this film brought them together with successor‘S Matthew Macfadyen And How to blow up a pipeline‘S Kristine Froseth, The Royal Hotel has strong co-stars of its own, with Henwick recently taking on a role in glass onion and Weber, who is loved for his The Matrix And Lord of the Rings turns. The supporting cast includes: Toby Wallacewhich will also appear next year The bike ridersas well as James Frecheville.

Image via Neon

When will “The Royal Hotel” be released in cinemas?

Green was a co-author The Royal Hotel with Oscar Redding and how The assistant She previously brought the film to the annual Telluride Film Festival earlier this year, where it received strong reviews upon its premiere. She will next travel to the Toronto International Film Festival later this month to present the film along with another star-studded program stupid money, The next target winsand fellow participants from Telluride Rustin. As the thriller’s run on the festival circuit comes to an end, it will finally hit theaters next month on October 6th.

Check out the trailer The Royal Hotel below.

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