Rude note about child’s birthday party sparks outrage, branded ‘super entitled’


An “aggressive” note about a four year old’s birthday party spotted in a busy public park over the Labor Day weekend in the US has divided the internet, with many users branding the family “entitled”.

Posted on Reddit, the note – which attracted 47,600 Upvotes and 3700 comments – read, “Reserved for a birthday party. Please respect the space we’ve set aside and do not use our tables.

“This is a four-year-old’s party. Don’t be the one to mess it up. Thank you.”

The Reddit user who posted the note, which was placed on a park bench next to a table covered in a plastic tablecloth, wrote, “Busy public park on a hot Saturday/Labor Day weekend. Seems super entitled.

“Park has been open for 4 hours and no sign of them. All the other tables are full.”

In the comments, users were clear about their disgust over the rude act.

“Seriously. ‘REsPEct Our ChiLd’s BiRth.’ How about no. Get your own table,” one commented.

“It’s just like people reserving pool chairs at 7am and not showing up to the pool until 3!” another wrote.

“Bro. Just use the table and if they show up say you’re here for the party,” a third joked.

“They could have at least put the time of the party so that people could use the tables up until then and then just clear out for the actual party time,” one more suggested.

A Reddit user who claimed to be holding at party at the same park for 10 children said it did not have reservations and they turned up when the park opened to “make sure we had space for all our guests”.

“We are in a totally separate space. It’s the fact that the note was written aggressively while also depending on other people’s decency to allow them to bend common courtesy that I found annoying. It’s rude and mannerless. I would not respond in kind of course.”

The user added in an update, “They finally showed after about six hours into the day.

“Immediately set up a noisy boombox, which attracted the park rangers.

“That got them a lengthy talking too and they’ve been low key since. Best part is several families set up blankets and spots right next to the tables, which I think got the message across!