Drone operators have recorded a Russian tank column heading toward Ukrainian armed forces positions near Andiivka, only to come under heavy fire and then attempt to flee the battlefield.

The video shows a long line of Russian vehicles approaching a tree line, one of which is already engulfed in flames.

As they get closer, the Ukrainian fire increases and the column makes a quick U-turn.

Some of the vehicles stop and Russian soldiers dismount. Some get hit while the others run back to where they came from.

The clip was posted on social media by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, naming the 31st Mechanized Brigade. one of the Ukrainian brigades currently defending Avdiivka.

A report on the attack by the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said: “Thanks to coordinated actions, we managed to destroy the occupying convoy and attempt to break through our defenses near the village of Krasnohorivka.”

The enormous losses suffered by Russian forces attempting to take Andivka are well documented and are believed to be higher than at any other point in the war to date.

This is confirmed by Russian, Ukrainian and independent sources, only the Kremlin tries to claim otherwise.

Numerous videos also support the assessments, with a drone video similar to the one above from last week showing a Russian tank column being destroyed by Ukrainian artillery fire.

The video shows at least 14 Russian armored vehicles apparently forced to drive single file through minefields behind a mine-clearing tank to make their way through high-explosive and cluster munition attacks.

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Ex-Wagner mercenaries among those suffering heavy losses near Avdiivka

A Russian media report attempted to portray their plight positively, but the commander of the unit in which they are fighting described it as “good, but not great.”

The majority of the force consists of BTRs (Soviet/post-Soviet military armored personnel carriers): half are shown to be unconscious or incapacitated and smoking at the end of the attack, and the Ukrainian positions appear to be intact.

A close-up in the two-minute video shows at least five Russian infantrymen jumping from a BTR near Ukrainian positions. A Ukrainian anti-tank missile fired at close range hits the BTR in seconds.

A significant number of former Wagner fighters are reportedly taking part in the ongoing and extremely costly Russian attack on the town of Andiivka, but their situation is “good but not great” due to high casualties.

You can read that Full length story here.

Source : www.kyivpost.com

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