The Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), a paramilitary unit of Russian citizens based in Ukraine fighting against the Russian government, has released a video purporting to show the assassination of a senior Russian intelligence officer.

“As a result of professional ambush operations, a lieutenant colonel of the FSB (the successor agency of the KGB) and a service SUV were destroyed,” the group writes on its Telegram page.

“Glory to RDK! Glory of the Great Russian Empire!” wrote the fighters.

According to a Kiev Post According to a source in the Main Intelligence Service (HUR), Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Shaty died.

“The deputy head of the rear administrative department of the border troops of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Shaty, was eliminated,” the source said.

Ulitsa is located right on the border between Ukraine and Russia, adjacent to the Ukrainian region of Sumy.

Russian Telegram channels reported that on Thursday, November 9, at around 4 p.m., shots from an automatic weapon broke out at the border guard’s vehicle.

Baza also mentioned that the victim was FSB Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Shaty, who reportedly died at the scene.

In a separate incident, a Russian-backed politician was killed in a car bomb attack in the occupied eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, local media reported.

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