A hostage held by Hamas in Gaza was killed during a rescue attempt by Israeli special forces, the terror group said on Friday.

Israel confirmed the raid and said two soldiers were “seriously injured” but did not acknowledge the hostage’s reported death.

“The armed forces raided a Hamas site and eliminated terrorists involved in the kidnapping and detention of the hostages,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement in Hebrew Posted on Xformerly Twitter.

“No hostages were rescued during this operation.”

Israeli troops are seen in action in the Gaza Strip in a photo released by the Israel Defense Forces on November 2, 2023. Israel Defense Forces via AP

A video clip attributed to Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades and posted on X by the Palestine Chronicle purportedly showed the battle’s aftermath, including bloodstains and spent bullet casings on a staircase.

The bloodied body of a bearded young man with grisly wounds on his face and head was also shown lying on a blanket, as was a clipping of what appeared to be the same man speaking in Hebrew at some point before his death.

Additionally, the two-minute recording appeared to show Israeli weapons and military equipment, including a black tactical ladder and a bag with English letters on it.

According to Reuters, the Al-Qassam Brigades said it killed or wounded several Israeli soldiers after finding and attacking the special forces unit.

The Hamas statement posted on Telegram did not specify where the incident occurred.

Hamas identified the dead hostage as Sa’ar Baruch, 25, and said he was a captured Israeli soldier.

The lists of hostages released by Israel include Sahar Baruch, described as a civilian student and 24 years old when he was kidnapped from his home during Hamas’ surprise attacks on October 7, according to Reuters.

In addition to killing 1,200 people, Hamas kidnapped 240 people, 137 of whom remained captive following a recent ceasefire in which Israel swapped Palestinian prisoners for hostages at a ratio of 3 to 1.

An Israeli government spokesman, Eylon Levy, declined to discuss Hamas’ account of the raid when asked about it during a news conference, Reuters said.

“We will not comment on the psychological war that Hamas continues to wage against the Israeli people,” Levy said.

Levy also reiterated Israel’s demand that the Red Cross be allowed to visit hostages held by Hamas.

“We hold Hamas fully responsible for the safety and well-being of these hostages,” he said.

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