• Kody Brown accuses Christine of influencing Janelle’s decision not to reconcile with him in the latest episode of Sister Wives season 18.
  • Kody avoids taking responsibility for the failure of his multiple marriages and continues to play the victim.
  • Janelle is willing to get back together with Kody, but on the condition that he changes and their relationship becomes more meaningful than just “friends with benefits.”

Kody Brown believes Janelle Brown refused to reconcile with him because of Christine Brown’s influence on her. Since the premiere Sister wives Season 18 documented the breakdown of Kody’s marriage to three women: Meri, Janelle and Christine. However, one theme that has remained consistent throughout the season is Kody’s knack for blaming everyone but himself.

Sister Wives Season 18, Episode 10, which premiered on Sunday, October 22, 2023, mainly focused on the failure of Kody and Janelle’s marriage. However, in keeping with his style of avoiding responsibility, Kody once again tried to paint one of his ex-wives as a villain.

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Kody believes Christine influenced Janelle

Since Sister wives After the season 18 premiere, Kody gave various reasons why three of his wives decided to leave the marriage. At the latest however Sister wives In the season 18 episode, Kody decided to put the blame on Christine. According to Kody, Janelle doesn’t want to reconcile with him, partly due to the influence Christine has on her. Kody explained that he and Janelle see each other occasionally and talk on the phone every now and then. Although Kody believes there are signs that Janelle might be willing to give him another chance, he believes that to do so she would have to get Christine’s opinion and the two of them would have to decide whether or not they would like to spend time with him.

Kody doesn’t want Christine to get involved in their relationship

While Kody believes there could be a way back for him and Janelle, Christine’s alleged influence over her is keeping him from making any moves. Kody has refused to talk to Janelle about why he believes her friendship with Christine has affected their relationship. While Kody noted that Christine’s influence over Janelle is pathetic, he fears the repercussions of voicing his opinion. During the episode, Kody explained why he consistently stayed away from the conversation, noting: “I don’t want to say anything to Janelle because I’m afraid Christine will find out or the kids will find out. Per People.

Janelle will come back with Kody on one condition

While Kody wondered why Janelle didn’t want to be married to him anymore and decided to blame Christine for her influence, it’s no surprise that the 54-year-old just wanted something different than what Kody gave her most of her time offered marriage. In her conversation with Christine (the defendant) about the state of her marriage to Kody later in the episode, Janelle admitted that her relationship with him doesn’t feel the same as it used to. Janelle said that she felt like they were “Friends with benefits for years“instead of married couples.

Although Janelle admitted she would consider plural marriage again because she likes it, the mother of six would only take Kody back if he changes. Janelle explained that Kody’s desire to have her as his spouse again was the only thing she needed to try and make the relationship work. Throughout the season, Kody refused to take the blame for the failure of his plural marriages. His short-sighted perspective has prevented him from finding simple solutions that would otherwise have saved his marriages.

Sister wives airs Sundays at 10pm EST on TLC.

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