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  • South Park: Joining the Panderverse turns Kenny, Stan, Butters and Cartman into girls
  • South Park’s new special must avoid a recent mistake


  • The upcoming South Park special will see the show’s main characters transform into girls, a first for the long-running series.
  • The special, titled “Joining the Panderverse,” appears to critique the trend toward diverse reboots, a topic that might seem boring to South Park.
  • The series needs to be careful not to repeat past mistakes, like the transphobic and unfunny episode “Board Girls,” and instead deliver a smart and thoughtful special.

While South ParkAlthough the upcoming specials offer a surprise show at first, this may not be a good thing for the long-running cartoon comedy show. Every animated sitcom has to reinvent its routine from time to time. The simpsons Season 34 received the series’ best reviews in years by changing up its formula, resulting in new episodes that felt fresh and original. Similar, South Park rewrote the rules of the show’s release schedule when its creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker signed a new deal with Paramount in 2021. Parker and Stone were commissioned to write six more South Park Seasons and 14 full-length specials.

While South Park Although season 27 may still be a long way off, the series’ first special broadcast of 2023 is coming surprisingly soon. According to a teaser trailer released in early October, South Park: Joining the Panderverse will air on October 28, 2023. Details are sparse, but there are at least a few clues in the teaser that give a taste of the story. Based on what is known so far, Join the Panderverse seems to be the first to create a series.

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South Park: Joining the Panderverse turns Kenny, Stan, Butters and Cartman into girls

Somehow, South Park has never recast its heroes as girls before. However, that will definitely change Join the Panderversesees its trailer South ParkThe main characters Butters, Cartman, Kenny and Stan transformed into women of color. Only Kyle remains unchanged and seems to notice the difference. It is not yet clear whether South ParkThe next two-part special will revive one of the series’ best traditions by focusing on Halloween and Christmas. However, it is likely that the change in main characters is due to something going completely wrong in the series’ universe.

The topic of South ParkIt’s hard to tell what the new special is from a short one-minute promo, but the title and clip seem to hint at it Join the Panderverse will be a criticism of reboots that recast famous characters with more diverse actors. This is a surprisingly played out topic for South park to address, especially if The streaming wars focused on hot topics like NFTs and streaming service battles at the peak of their relevance. One thing that South Park has over The simpsons is the series’ rapid production process, which allows the series to comment on current issues at an incredible pace. Surprisingly, this well-known act wastes this advantage.

South Park’s new special must avoid a recent mistake

Although South Park Season 18, Episode 3, “The Cissy” was comparatively progressive when it came to gender issues, while Season 23, Episode 7, “Board Girls” was accused of being transphobic and painfully unfunny. Ironically, given the title of the show’s new special, “Board Girls” was an obvious case of the show’s creators pandering to reactionary elements of their fan base by writing cheap jokes at the expense of trans people. Join the Panderverse runs the risk of repeating that mistake by using offensive language while preemptively deflecting criticism of its weak humor by playing up the series’ politically incorrect reputation. However, South Park could still surprise viewers with a really clever, thoughtful special.

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