Japan Began Discharging Treated Radioactive Water From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Into Pacific Ocean (File)


Japan on Friday urged its citizens living in China to restrain themselves and speak softly in public after Beijing denounced Tokyo for releasing treated radioactive water from a destroyed nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

For months, in messages reinforced by extensive state media coverage, Beijing has branded Japan’s decision to release the water as selfish and harmful to the environment and human health, even though it has been deemed safe by the United Nations nuclear regulatory agency.

After the release began on Thursday, China announced a blanket ban on all seafood imports from Japan, further straining ties between the neighbors, which have been strained by a series of trade, geopolitical and historic tensions.

“Try to be cautious when going out, such as not speaking loudly in Japanese unnecessarily,” the embassy said in a warning posted on its website on Friday.

The notice also advised citizens to “pay close attention to the area surrounding the embassy” when planning a visit.

The Japanese consulate in Chinese-ruled Hong Kong warned in a statement of protests related to the water release after 100 protesters took to the streets on Thursday to object to the water discharge.

But long lines outside sushi restaurants in Hong Kong reinforced the testimonies of many, who said they were not concerned about the problem and would continue to visit Japanese restaurants.

In South Korea, the Japanese embassy issued a notice urging its citizens there to “behave cautiously” and avoid “unnecessary trouble” due to a planned rally around the embassy.

South Korean police arrested 16 protesters entering the Japanese embassy in Seoul on Thursday.

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