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It’s been suggested that the opening of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac Games’ predecessor, was one of the best introductions to the web-slinger in any media. Players got to know Peter by touring his chaotic apartment as he prepared to fight another day of crime.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter, who barely makes ends meet in the city, becomes a suburban homeowner after inheriting Aunt May’s house. In the exciting sequel, lots of action takes place around this valuable landmark. This is where you can find Aunt May’s house in Spider-Man 2.

~Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man 2. ~

Where to find Aunt May’s house in Spider-Man 2

Although the sequel’s main story takes you to Aunt May’s house many times throughout the game, you’d be forgiven for not pausing the action to check where you are on the map. Therefore, finding Peter’s new home yourself can be a difficult task.

Aunt May’s house is located in the Astoria neighborhoodthe top region on the New York suburban map. In the far southeast cornerYou will notice three curved rows of houses that form an arch to the left at the bottom. Aunt May’s house is in the first, smallest arch of houses and is six houses down if you enter from the top of the street on the map.

Many of the homes in Astoria look the same with their two-story structure and pastel colors. However, Aunt May’s house can be identified through a few unique details. First, The house is green and pastel colored and there is a cherry blossom-like tree outside (although this tree was removed during cutscenes) and The number “15” is written next to the front door of the house.. Additionally, Aunt May’s house can be identified by the basketball hoop attached to the garage door and the blue tarp hanging out the front window of the building toward the main floor– an accident involving symbiotes.

While it’s not possible to re-enter Aunt May’s house after the main story quests, you can swing up to the roof to take a look at the details inside through the window. If you want to see the full inside of Aunt May’s house, keep an eye out Roll like you used to Main quest and fifth mission in the main story of Spider-Man 2, which allows you to fully explore the interior of the house. If you have already played the game, you can only play this mission by loading a previous save or starting a new game. However, Insomniac developers have confirmed that they are working on an update to be released in the future that will include mission replay.

As you explore Astoria’s suburb and industrial area, it might be worth taking a look at the various side activities available in this district:

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Peter Parker’s messy apartment is a thing of the past

During the conclusion of Spider-Man 2’s predecessor, Aunt May succumbs to the disease Devil’s Breath caused by Otto Octavius. Peter has to decide whether to use the serum on Aunt May or use it to save everyone else, and he chooses the latter. That’s why Peter inherits Aunt May’s house in the sequel, which gives him a new start in the suburbs. If you want to visit Aunt May’s grave in the game, check out our guide to finding the location in New York City.

Peter has always been known to live in a cheap, run-down apartment in the heart of New York City, so he is close to crime. It’s usually cluttered with leftover carry-out boxes, science experiments and suit modifications. In the sequel, however, Peter moves back home, where he grew up with Uncle Ben and Aunt May. For much of the sequel, Peter tries to convince his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson to move in with him, but she is a reporter in town.

The sequel lets you explore the inside of May’s house as you clean up and MJ looks through some old photo albums. You can also visit Peter’s old bedroom, which has a bulletin board full of pictures and article clippings. These items hide a hole in the wall with a funny face drawn around it – explained during Roll like you used to Main mission. Aunt May’s house has a number of charming details that are worth exploring for any comic book fan.

At the end of the game, MJ finally decides to move in with Peter, who has decided to take a break from his role as Spider-Man to let Miles take on the role of the city’s protector. The garage next to Aunt May’s house was also converted into a small starting office for the Emily May Foundation, as the main office was destroyed during Venom’s uprising. We’ll likely revisit Aunt May’s house during Insomniac’s third Spider-Man game (which has already been teased) and see what Peter and MJ have done with the place.

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