There seems to be a growing unease surrounding Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s entirely justified. But it’s worth remembering: 2023 has already given us at least one of the best Marvel films in recent memory: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. And now Across the Spider-Verse is available in streaming.

The film was the sequel to the acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Not only was it a box office hit, it also won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film in 2018. It picks up the story of Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore) and follows him as he is expelled from a new “Spider Society” by Spider -Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac). The group protects the “Spider-Verse” from existential threats – which apparently includes Miles himself.

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Although perhaps not quite as unique and unique as Into the Spider-Verse, Through the universe boasted great animation, even more different visual styles than its predecessor, a ton of alternate Spider-Men, and some fascinating themes about what makes someone a hero, and WHO decides who is worthy to wear the mantle of heroism.

As I wrote in my review earlier this year…

“Into the Spider-Verse” was actually about the universality of Spider-Man’s values; that you didn’t have to be a stupid kid from Queens named Peter Parker to be Spider-Man. Anyone who believed that great power came with great responsibility and wanted to use their innate gifts to help others could be a hero. There are many more Spider-Men in Across the Spider-Verse that aren’t Peter Parker’s; There are even a spider horse or two. But it’s also much more about what it means to create something that rejects the idea that Peter Parker must be at the center of every Spider-Man story, even in the face of intense opposition. It’s also about the idea that each sequel has to offer audiences even more of what they liked the first time around.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is now streaming on Netflix. The continuation, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-VerseIt was scheduled to be released next year, but due to the ongoing actors’ strike, the film was recently removed from Sony’s upcoming release calendar and has not yet received an updated release date.

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