The material known as plutonium can create weapon modifications in Starfield, but this item only exists on a few planets where the material is best hidden.

The rare resource plutonium is difficult to grow starfield, which only appear on a few worlds to be harvested from your character’s best tools as you explore different systems. If you find a suitable planet with this material, you can build an outpost that can collect plutonium even when you’re not there. Although you can also buy this resource in some stores, to buy plutonium you need to be at a higher level.

The mining league In Neon At Volii Alpha has plutonium You can buy directly on level 1. Jemison Mercantile In New Atlantis And Midtown Minerals In Akila city also have this resource, but both respectfully require your character to be level 3-5 or 20. If you want to maximize the number of locations where you can get Plutonium, you should look for ways to level up there quickly starfield during their journey.

Any planet for plutonium cultivation in Starfield

In total 25 planets and moons House plutonium on their surface, which can be harvested by your character personally or by one resource extractor installed in an outpost starfield. Specific weapon attachments in starfield You need Plutonium as an ingredient before you can craft them. These items alter your weapon’s characteristics, often improving things like reload speed, ammo capacity, or other factors.

You can find plutonium everywhere




Nicholas II



Beta marae

Beta Marae Vc


Jaffa II-a


Altair I


Ixyl VIII-a


Kumasi II


Marduk II


Feynman VII-b


Hyla VIII-d

Alpha Ternion

Ternio II

Proximal Ternion

Proxima Ternion IV


Lantana VIII-b


Syrma II


Huygens VI-a


Schrodinger II

Zeta Ophiuchi

Zeta Ophiuchi VI-e


Leonis III


Porrima IV-d


Foucault II


Zelazny VII-d


Verne I


Eridani III



As of this writing, it is still being determined exactly which weapon modifications will be made using plutonium as the primary resource. Anyone who finds a surplus of this resource in the systems mentioned can do so at any time Sell ​​the found plutonium to traders for a quick and easy source of credits in starfield. Mass producing materials to trade is one of the best ways to make quick money on your space adventures. The best planets to grow plutonium starfield While it may be few and far between, finding the right systems for this resource will be worth it.

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