Horror legend Stephen King has commented on this The wonders The lack of moviegoing and the subsequent celebration by some Marvel fans online.

While The wonders Despite having high ratings, the film was quite a flop in its theatrical debut and marked a new low for Marvel Cinematic Universe films at the box office. There were some posts on social media from a certain subset of the fan base who seemed excited about the news. King has now reached out to X with his own post to share how much this reaction bothers him. The Carrie The author noted that even as someone who is not personally interested in Marvel films, he does not enjoy watching them The wonders Bomb, and he doesn’t understand why others hoped it would fail.

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In his post, Stephen King said: “I don’t watch MCU movies, I don’t care for them, but I feel this thinly veiled glee at the low box office returns.” THE WONDERS very unpleasant. Why rejoice in failure?”

Stephen King has limited experience working with Marvel

King is clearly not the biggest Marvel fan, despite having limited experience working with the comic book titan. He previously worked on a short charity program titled “ Heroes for Hope with the X-Men in 1985, particularly with the introduction of the unique villain Hungry. Years later, Marvel also published comics based on King’s stories The Dark Tower And The stand. Meanwhile, MCU stars Tom Hiddleston, Karen Gillan and Chiwetel Ejiofor will star in the upcoming film The Life of Chuckwhich is based on a story written by King.

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As for why The wonders If it flopped, it’s probably not due to one specific reason, but possibly due to a variety of different factors. Even director Nia DaCosta acknowledged the increasing “superhero fatigue” as real and hoped the film’s “crazy” tone would help The wonders is different from other superhero films. The SAG-AFTRA strike had also prevented the entire cast from participating in the film’s promotion, which had a major impact on its marketing. Although the strike ended shortly before the premiere and the film’s stars were able to do some last-minute publicity, by then it may have been too late.

The wonders is playing in the cinema now.

Source: Stephen King on X

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