If you’ve been following director Taika Waititi, you probably know he was in it Thor franchise for the last few films. You probably know that too Thor: Ragnarok is a favorite Marvel film for many, largely because of Waititi’s directing work. Comes from this film and Jojo RabbitTaika Waititi had more goodwill for him than most new directors in recent memory.

That might have changed with something Thor: Love and Thunder. While it’s far from the worst Marvel movie, many found it to be a disappointment, especially when people liked it so much Ragnarok. Critics had issues with the script, pacing and characterization of some of the film’s heroes. It was too heavily CGI-heavy, but not in the usual way you’d expect from giant set pieces. Certain scenes felt cheap, a problem with many Marvel films and shows lately. Waititi himself even commented on the CGI in the film and clearly wasn’t very happy with the result.

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So what’s next for Waititi? Will he return to direct the fifth film? Thor film, which would be his third attempt at the franchise. Insider.com recently sat down with Waititi to talk about the potential for him to return for another Thor Movie.

When asked if Marvel is developing another one ThorWaititi replied: “I don’t know if that’s true. I know I won’t be involved. I will concentrate on the other films I have signed for.”

These other projects include his long-discussed war of stars Film and an adaptation of the graphic novel by Alejandro Jodorowsky The Incal. Before these films come out, he will release an adaptation by Kazuo Ishiguro Clara and the sun.

Waititis The next target wins hits theaters November 17th.

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