Taylor Momsen has spoken about her role in How the Grinch Stole Christmasin which the Grinch was teased at school and how something similar happened in her own life as a child.

During the latest episode of SiriusXM pod crushed podcast, the gossip Girl The actress, who played Cindy Lou Who in the film with Jim Carrey, told presenters Penn Badgley, Nava Kavelin and Sophie Ansari: “Spoilsport changed my life in so many ways, one of which was being mercilessly made fun of.”

“Every time I started a new school or went somewhere else, I don’t think the kids knew my name. I was just Grinch Girl,” she added. “Not even the character name [Cindy Lou Who]only Grinch Girl.”

Momsen admitted that while she “got used to it” over time, it was still “alienating.”

The musician was only 7 years old when she received the Dr. Seuss film, and she said that going to different schools for work as a child didn’t help her tease her classmates. But as she entered middle school and her life became more stationary, Momsen said she was able to form a circle of friends.

“That was the first year I went to school and I had the opportunity to actually make friends,” she said. “I put a band together. It was my first band, my middle school band, a garage band. We could never agree on a name. But we jammed after school and it was always fun. I sang, played guitar and wrote.”

However, a few years later she landed the role of Jenny Humphrey gossip Girl It was there in 2007 that she met Badgley, who played his younger sister on the hit teen drama.

“When I started to find my little rhythm at school as a normal kid, gossip Girl It came about, I moved to New York and the band broke up,” she said. “We wanted to be huge. It was a real disappointment. And I had to start all over again in New York, which didn’t take that long.”

As for her time in Whoville, Momsen recalled her experiences filming the classic Christmas movie in a previous interview with the Today Show in 2020 to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary.

“I think people love Spoilsport simply because the core of the story is so sweet and heartwarming and has such a good message,” she said at the time. “Aside from how impressive Jim Carrey’s performance and the theatrics of the shoot are, the way the film looks, moves and is edited is amazing.”

Source : www.hollywoodreporter.com

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