Emma Hansson, chairwoman of IF Metall Stockholms lan, strikes in front of Tesla’s service center in Segeltorp, while workshop workers from electric car maker Tesla went on strike in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 27, demanding that the company sign a collective agreement. 2023. TT NEWS AGENCY / VIA REUTERS

A Swedish court on Thursday, December 7, rejected a request by Tesla to temporarily force a postman to deliver license plates before a ruling on a lawsuit brought by the electric car maker.

Since October 27, around 130 mechanics at ten Tesla workshops in seven Swedish cities have been on strike to protest against the carmaker’s refusal to sign a collective agreement. The strike has since developed into a larger conflict between Tesla and nearly a dozen unions seeking to protect the Swedish labor model, including postal workers.

Since license plates for new cars in Sweden are only delivered by post, the blockade could prevent new Teslas from hitting the roads there, something Tesla boss Elon Musk described as “crazy”.

In late November, Tesla filed lawsuits against the Swedish transportation agency and postal service Postnord, owned by the Swedish and Danish states, asking them to hand over license plates and mail to the automaker.

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Tesla also asked the court to force Postnord to hand over some supplies, including license plates, while the case is pending. “To make such a decision, very specific conditions are required and this requirement has not been met,” Judge Patrik Alm of the Solna District Court said in a statement.

Tesla initially had some success with its lawsuits, as a separate district court last week issued a preliminary ruling that the transportation agency should allow Tesla to pick up license plates directly from the manufacturer. However, the ruling was appealed, and the appeals court on Tuesday reversed the district court’s decision.

Tesla has long rejected calls to allow the company’s 127,000 employees worldwide to form unions. However, collective agreements with unions are the basis of the Swedish labor market model, covering almost 90 percent of all employees and guaranteeing wages and working conditions. Around 50,000 Teslas are registered in the country with 10.5 million inhabitants.

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