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  • Best strategies for the cook

The cook in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about being a team player and finding the best strategy to locate victims or prevent their escape. It has the lowest starting value Endurance from any character in the game, victim or family, but he can balance this out with some of his other abilities. However, this could make him a challenging character to conquer for beginners.

The chef is one of five family members in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in which, unlike other similar games, more than one player controls the opposing faction. Both sides must work together to be successful and the chef, while challenging at first, has become a favorite for the family support role. While Leatherface or Sissy might take on the task of chasing down victims, Cook can assist Grandfather’s goals without ever seeing a victim.

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Best perks for the chef

The low stamina of the cook in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre represents the greatest challenge to overcome as it starts from a humble beginning 10 points, but this can be countered by clever use of the skill tree. The best way the chef should choose to start with is to go straight upstairs and invest in that endurance tree. Most of the perks here will buff the chef at crucial moments, such as his unique perk, prey driveand others may force victims to take things more slowly, e.g. B. with Nobody escapes hell.

The Cook’s Seeking ability allows him to listen for and focus on victim sounds to mark a victim for a short time, allowing him to easily track them down. He can then bring in someone else, such as Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacreto the sacrifices to bring it to an end.

Prey Drive allows the cook to get a boost when they see a victim, meaning they can chase a victim when they come across one without suffering any negative effects on it for the rest of the time. As well as the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer search for abilityhis other ability allows him to lock more doors, move certain locks, and block paths for victims, making them take more time to get through if he has Nobody Escapes Hell equipped.

However, the chef is quite good at it too collect blood and feed grandpa The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and he can spend a lot of time looking out for victims who have gone upstairs. He might even force them to walk around Grandpa if he’s blocking other escape routes, which can alert the entire family to where the victim is when they wake them up.

perks like Explore could work well here as it would increase the chef’s movement speed while reducing his melee damage. While the reduction is unfortunate, the cook probably won’t do much for the kill itself, and can help other family members locate and lead the victims to them. The extra movement speed would then be a bonus while locking doors and finding blood to feed Grandpa. Likewise, any perks that increase his blood gathering abilities would go a long way toward contributing to the team and making it easier to win The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Best strategies for the cook

Investing points in the search skill tree will be crucial in determining how effective the chef becomes and what he can do to help the entire team. The best part of the Cook’s Seek skill is achieved level 3 on the far right of the tree, with the ability “The whole family sees noise.” That’s what makes the chef such a good support role and draws his attention to it whole family for the presence of a marked victim that he heard.

That’s why he doesn’t have to do the actual hauling The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as he can simply use his searching ability and give the entire family a significant advantage over the victims. His level 2 and level 1 search skills aren’t that important, but investing at least one level in upgrading them detection range would allow the cook to hear victims from an even greater distance, and both Recharge rate and reduced ability drain Increase the time the cook can use their skills.

By investing the extra skill points into stamina, the chef can become a real force to be reckoned with, and his searching ability means players will have a much harder time hiding from him. With the right strategy and high investments in finding victims, the cook can lead the rest of the family to the victims and make grandpa proud of him The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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