Based on the bestsellers, Heart stopper is a queer new age love story between two boys who come from different worlds. Set against the backdrop of a slightly homophobic high school, the story unfolds as we see Nick and Charlie discover their feelings for each other and come to terms with their sexuality. With them, the circle of friends also overcomes its individual problems in order to emerge stronger on the other side.

The second season of the series was recently released on Netflix and fans are loving the chemistry between the main couple as they face unique challenges and work on their relationship. Additionally, there were some surprising romances this season that sparked chemistry. Nick and Charlie gave us relationship goals with their heartwarming equation. Let’s recap their relationship and take a look at the best Nick and Charlie episodes.

10 “Meetings”

Season 1, Episode 1 (2022)

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IMDb score: 8.3/10

The first episode of the series gives us a glimpse into the plot of the series and introduces Nick and Charlie in a meet-cute. From that moment on we know that they don’t belong in the same world as Nick is a cool and popular guy while Charlie is an introvert who was bullied a lot.

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Similar to the books, we see animations as sparks fly between the teenage couple. Both of them realize with just one look that they have feelings for each other. From the moment they first meet, the chemistry between them is palpable and we can’t help but wonder how their relationship will develop.

9 “Out”

Season 2, Episode 1 (2023)

IMDb score: 8.6/10

The new season begins with a wonderful episode that gives us exactly what we’ve been waiting for – an insight into the relationship between Nick and Charlie. After the day at the beach, they come to school in the mood for love and enjoy the first days of a relationship.

New love is in the air and enchants everyone around us. Nick and Charlie can’t keep their hands off each other and want to kiss at every opportunity. What’s more, it warms our hearts to see Charlie so supportive and encouraging of Nick. It shows how important it is for people to come out as and when they want.

8 “Family”

Season 2, Episode 2 (2023)

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IMDb score: 8.7/10

The roller coaster ride of love goes into high gear in this episode as parents come to the school to meet the teachers and get a report on their children’s performance. Charlie’s parents are disappointed when they learn that he is behind in most subjects and has not yet turned in his homework. Nick, on the other hand, is doing well as usual and is making good progress in his studies.

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Charlie’s parents forbid him from seeing Nick until he finishes his chores. But as the saying goes: love finds a way. Charlie sneaks out to visit Nick and make him feel better after a tough test. They find comfort in each other’s company.

7 “Crush”

Season 1, Episode 2 (2022)

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IMDb score: 8.8/10

As Nick and Charlie spend more time together, Charlie falls deeper into the quicksand of love for Nick, who everyone believes is heterosexual. Many people believe that he even has a girlfriend in the girls’ school. It’s pretty sweet to see the duo combine their energies and Charlie hopes Nick likes him again.

On the other hand, Nick begins to question his sexual identity and wonders what it would mean to be in love with a boy. It’s a powerful depiction of the turmoil that troubles people as they think about their preferences and come to terms with their sexuality.

6 “Friend”

Season 1, Episode 5 (2022)

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IMDb score: 8.9/10

With love, we see a pure friendship in this episode. When Nick decides to spend time with Charlie during his date with Imogen, tensions rise between the two. Nick and Charlie stay together throughout the party, playing games and having fun. On the other hand, Tao is sure that Nick will hurt Charlie, so he promises to protect him.

At the end of the episode, Nick confronts Imogen and admits that he doesn’t like her. It’s great to see how the series takes each character’s feelings into account and doesn’t force a girl to play the villain in a queer love story.

5 “Kiss”

Season 1, Episode 3 (2022)

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IMDb score: 9.1/10

After staying awake all night trying to figure out the truth behind his feelings, Nick begins a new day completely confused. Nick asks Charlie to accompany him to Harry’s party. Charlie agrees, even though he usually runs away from situations like this.

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At the party, Tara confesses that she likes girls and expresses her desire to stop hiding it. This gives Nick the strength to face his feelings and stay true to himself. He takes the leap of faith and kisses Charlie, making all the fans swoon in admiration. And it’s a joy to see Nick also call out Harry and other homophobic idiots.

4 “Heat”

Season 2, Episode 5 (2023)

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IMDb score: 9.1/10

The trip to Paris has its effect and awakens new, stronger feelings in Nick and Charlie. They share a room but can’t sleep in the same bed, and in many ways they think it’s better this way. In a very primal way, we can see how their care and affection for each other is expressed.

Along the way, Nick and Charlie seem to realize that this isn’t a casual relationship. In the heat of the moment, Nick gives Charlie a smooch. The next day, everyone teases him in much the same way, and Nick stays by his side, meeting the comments with a boldness that surprises Charlie.

3 “Sorry”

Season 2, Episode 7 (2023)

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IMDb score: 9.3/10

When Charlie’s family comes over to Nick’s house for dinner, he decides to finally come out to his father. David acts like a complete idiot and ruins Nick’s moment. In the end, Nick stands up to his father and brother by expressing his love for Charlie and claiming that he doesn’t care about their opinions.

This scene must have resonated with many fans because they fear that their parents will see them differently or stop loving them after telling them their truth. With that and the display of Elle’s artwork, this episode was truly a turning point in the lives of the main characters. Furthermore, we finally see Charlie stand up to Ben and not forgive him for the pain he caused him. It must have been cathartic for him to let his emotions out and finally relax.

2 “Friend”

Season 1, Episode 8 (2022)

IMDb score: 9.3/10

Charlie feels pulled in two directions as Tao is mad at him and Nick gets into a fight because of him. But Nick doesn’t give up and continues to fight for them to get together. It’s a wonderful episode because it shows how Nick is willing to do anything to be with Charlie. After the terrible situation with Ben, it was amazing for Charlie to see that someone was happy with him too.

The episode ends with Nick surprising Charlie with a date on the beach, where they ride swings and have a heartfelt conversation about their feelings for each other. Nick understands Charlie’s need to stop hiding and agrees that they will be friends from now on. With a fulfilled and happy heart, Nick also decides to come out to his mother, who takes it incredibly well and loves him even more because of his honesty.

1 “Perfect”

Season 2, Episode 8 (2023)

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IMDb score: 9.4/10

After coming out to his parents, Nick feels confident enough to show the world. He adds a post on Instagram telling his colleagues that he and Charlie are friends. When Charlie sees the post, he is thrilled beyond compare because he finally has someone in his life who is proud to be with him and isn’t afraid to let the world know his love.

Charlie’s experiences with Ben and his bullying left an indelible mark on him. Therefore, this proud openness is new and gratifying for him. At the prom, Nick and Charlie have a great time with their friends and have to deal with strange comments from their classmates. They finally realize that coming out is their choice and that they don’t owe anyone anything. The gang returns to Nick’s house and throws an intimate party that everyone enjoys. We see Nick and Charlie on the verge of saying the three magic words, but the creators thought it best to keep the mystery alive and build anticipation for the next season.

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