• Some Avengers have dark pasts and have committed horrific acts, such as Wolverine locking a smuggler in a container full of corpses.

  • Red Hulk slaughtered his teammates before pursuing Galactus, demonstrating his cruelty and satisfaction with violence.

  • Moon Knight’s stay in prison allowed him to showcase his cruel nature through acts of violence against imprisoned men, crossing the line into cruelty.

The avenger are literally known as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they are a team of the bravest and boldest superheroes in the Marvel Universe who are willing to put their lives on the line to save the world from any threat, no matter how dangerous this threat might be. But that doesn’t mean every member is a good person, and it definitely doesn’t mean they’ve always been a good person.

While some superheroes are good through and through, some of them have had to find redemption after spending time as either an anti-hero or a full-fledged villain. Sure, they’re fighting to protect the Earth now, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t needlessly torn people apart or engaged in lustful cruelty in their past. Some heroes can transcend their troubled pasts by doing an overwhelming amount of good to make up for them, others, however, will always carry their past crimes with them no matter how much good they do (and still others have still remained morally ambiguous, themselves). if). a member of the Avengers). With that in mind, here are the 10 cruelest Avengers in Marvel Comics history!

10 Glutton

In fact, one of the cruelest things Logan ever did to anyone – even though he completely deserved it – was during one of his most unremarkable comic series to date, albeit one that was incredibly violent and had an immense impact. In wolverine Vol. 3 #7 by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez, Logan meets a few “coyotes” (or people who smuggle immigrants across the US-Mexico border). These guys took money from families trying to make a better life, loaded it into the back of a tractor-trailer, locked them up, and killed them all. After Wolverine stabbed one of the men, he forced the other into the container with all the bodies and locked him inside as well.

Sure, Wolverine has committed far more brutal acts, and the man he did it for ultimately deserves it. Still, the idea of ​​doing something like that to someone is haunting and definitely a cruel punishment.

9 Red Hulk

Red Hulk, or Thaddeus Ross, has admittedly done some pretty messed up things in Marvel Comics, even without the power of Red Hulk. However, one of the cruelest things he ever did was during the events of Hulk Vol. 2 #10-12 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. In these cases, Red Hulk is allowed to select a team of superpowered individuals to fight the defenders, as he is being used by the Elders of the Universe to settle a bet. After he does this and the battle is about to begin, Red Hulk slaughters his teammates and then goes after Galactus (given his recent cosmic power).

What’s more, Red Hulk impales Hulk on the end of a trident, which only adds to this escapade of cruelty – made worse by the satisfaction it gives him.

8 Moon Knights

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single instance of cruelty for this entry, as Moon Knight is one of the toughest antiheroes in Marvel Comics. However, for at least one of them, it is safe to say that Moon Knight may have shown the cruelest aspects of his nature during his prison stay. In Devil’s Reign: Moon Knight #1 by Jed MacKay and Federico Sabbatini: Several heroes were arrested and sent to prison after then-Mayor Wilson Fisk passed a law making it illegal to be a superhero in New York City. Once in prison (and wearing a haunting white sack with a moon scrawl on his face), Moon Knight joins a fighting ring where he takes out his anger and frustration on those who “deserve it.”

The thing is, though, Moon Knight wasn’t protecting anyone with this violence since those men were already in prison. This was violence for its own sake, which meant crossing the line between vigilantism and cruelty.

7 Namor

It’s more surprising that Namor ended up in the Avengers at all than that he ended up on this list. Namor is not a hero, he is a king. He rules his kingdom with pride and authority and is willing to do anything to protect that kingdom. That’s why he joins the Avengers from time to time to deal with global threats, and why one of the cruelest things he’s ever done is particularly heinous because it was against his own people – the very people he loves sworn to protect. During the events of Secret empire (by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven) Namor becomes a tyrant. Fearing for the safety of Atlantis, Namor imprisons his own people, preventing them from leaving the kingdom and even forbidding them from asking why. In fact, things got so bad that Namor’s cousin Namora had to lead a revolution against him.

While Namor has certainly done other things that are more violent throughout his comic book history, this one stands out because it is Namor showing cruelty towards his own people.

6 Doctor Druid

Funnily enough, the worst thing this Avenger has done is be an Avenger to begin with – more specifically, lead the Avengers. Doctor Druid is notoriously the worst Avengers leader in history, a title given to him for several reasons. Doctor Druid became the leader of the Avengers avenger #294 by Walter Simonson and John Buscema, and he did this by influencing the minds of the Avengers to elect him as the team’s leader. Furthermore, Doctor Druid did this after constantly playing mental manipulation games with the Avengers, invading their minds and influencing their actions without their knowledge or consent.

Doctor Druid didn’t seem to know that what he was doing was wrong, but that’s a poor excuse for a grown man who claims to be one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and makes his actions downright cruel (by doing the forces Avengers to endure his stupidity). the cruelest act of all).

5 Moon Dragon

Moondragon may be known to some as a brave Avenger who not only aided Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a series of cosmic adventures, but also did everything she could to help the son of a fallen ally – Genis-Vell – gain his cosmic powers Father – Mar-Vell – couldn’t understand. However, this seemingly selfless member of the Avengers definitely didn’t start out that way, as Moondragon actually made her debut as a villain named Madame MacEvil. debut in Ironman In #54 by Mike Friedrich, Bill Everett and George Tuska, Moondragon wanted to create hybridized super soldiers from the DNA of established heroes to fulfill her own villainous desires, pitting Iron Man and Namor against each other to see who was superior – and which one she would copy.

Forcing two established Avengers to fight each other before she herself joined the team was simply cruel, although not an act of cruelty that Moondragon couldn’t recover from.

4 beast

While Moondragon started out as a villain and became a hero, Beast has recently completed the opposite narrative journey. Hank McCoy was a founding member of the X-Men and eventually joined the Avengers avenger #151 (by Gerry Conway, Jim Shooter, Steve Englehart and George Perez). Beast was the genius of the X-Men (as well as a proven badass in combat) and had a lot to offer the World’s Mightiest Heroes. However, if he tried to join today, the Avengers might not want him. During the Krakoan Age of -Sentinel had created.

In Marvel canon, Beast is currently essentially a villain, making his cruelty one of the worst on this list since it’s actively in progress.

3 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange not only protects the world alongside the Avengers, but also the entire physical plane as Sorcerer Supreme. However, he has been known to use his magic in quite cruel ways, even if the victims of his wrath technically deserve it. One such case was in Doctor Strange: The Oath (by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Marín), in which Stephen battled an evil magician, resulting in the death of the man’s physical body, leaving his consciousness on the astral plane while his corpse was left mutilated in the street.

While Doctor Strange was arguably justified in justifying his actions in this arc, there seems to be no crime worthy of such otherworldly torment, and – as Sorcerer Supreme and Avenger – Doctor Strange should have known that.

2 Vision

Vision is a synthezoid and long-time ally and member of the Avengers. During the events of The visions It’s fair to say that Vision is a bit of a mess (in fact, this arc was apparently the biggest inspiration for the live-action series). WandaVision). During this act, Vision created a woman, Virginia, and two children, Vin and Viv. When the Avengers sent Vision’s “brother” Victor to spy on the family (as they were rightfully worried about his bumbling behavior), Victor killed Vin, triggering Vision’s wrath on the entire Avengers team.

Like so many other entries on this list, Vision’s actions weren’t unjustified, they were simply cruel, especially given the larger circumstances. For lack of a better term, Vision behaved insanely, and that eventually resulted in violence against the very people he once called his family.

1 Captain Marvel

Aside from the obvious misjudgment during the events of Civil War II (an event that many fans have described as an accidental attack on Carol Danvers’ character), Captain Marvel unleashed her inner darkness during one of her most brutal storylines in Marvel Comics history: The Last Avenger. It’s starting Captain Marvel #12 by Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett, The Last Avenger showed Carol brutally attacking her fellow Avengers, seemingly killing them. Although it turned out that she didn’t actually kill them, Captain Marvel actually fought them and had to defeat each one in a fight to ultimately save their lives from the being that had manipulated them into doing all of this in the first place.

This example comes from a time of heroism, but the underlying aggression and darkness can only be described as cruel.

Sometimes circumstances call for a firm hand, and a superhero has no choice but to act out his inner cruelty for the greater good. In other cases, the hero in question has a choice about how harsher they want to be in a given situation and consciously chooses cruelty. In one way or another, these examples speak for themselves and make it clear that these 10 avenger are the cruelest in Marvel comic history.

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