With the arrival of the All-Rider, the most powerful Ghost Rider variant in the Marvel Universe, it’s tempting to call the being the most powerful Avenger yet. But throughout history there have been countless versions and incarnations of the wrong way driverhe has some competition.

The Ghost Rider concept allows different people to fill the role, allowing characters like Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes to become the Ghost of Vengeance in Marvel’s main series. Thanks to storylines that blend characters, other icons like Black Panther also gained the powers of Ghost Rider and The Flash in a fun 1990s DC Comics crossover. Other Ghost Riders continue to roam the multiverse, including cosmically powerful versions that are sure to show up in live action or animation somewhere. But which of these are the most powerful Ghost Riders of all time?

1Johnny Blaze

Johnny Blaze debuted in Marvel Spotlight #5 in 1972 and brought the Ghost Rider concept to the Marvel Universe. All Ghost Riders share the same basic powers as avatars of the Spirit of Vengeance. This includes the mystical power to transform from a human into a fearsome flaming skeleton.

When he first introduced the concept and tradition of Ghost Riders, Johnny Blaze was instantly transformed when confronted with pure evil. However, over time he developed the ability to control these transitions, which helped him develop into a more disciplined hero.

2Alejandra Jones

Alejandra Jones became Ghost Rider Wrong-way drivingr #1 in 2011, blessed with the same powers as their predecessors but with one big difference. Unlike many other Spirit of Vengeance hosts, Alejandra was one of several children raised specifically to become the next Horseman. When Alejandra was cast for the role while still a teenager, her time as a horsewoman was as dramatic (and tragic) as most would expect.

Johnny Blaze took on the responsibility of training Alejandra to master her new identity, but her training brought him a few surprises. Thanks to her preparation, Alejandra revealed a mastery of her supernatural powers (including the manipulation of Hellfire) that not even Johnny Blaze knew about. While Alejandra’s character may have been eclipsed by Mephisto’s conquest, her skills and storyline expanded the possibilities for Ghost Riders to follow.

3 Chief Hellhawk

Long before writer Jason Aaron began to trace the origins of the ancient Avengers from 1,000,000 B.C. B.C., he expanded the story of the men and women chosen to play the Ghost Rider. With thousands of years to fill with Spirits of Vengeance, the introduction of Hellhawk begins Ghost Rider #33 (2009) was just one of several to debut in the same issue (as part of a montage tracing Rider’s legacy through various periods of American history).

Created by Jason Aaron and Tony Moore, not enough is known about the 17th-century Ghost Rider given how memorable his introduction is. As he wields a bow and arrow atop a burning horse and seeks revenge on Native American enemies and murderers, there’s no doubt that more stories about Hellhawk will be told at some point in Marvel Comics.

4 Danny Ketch

Danny Ketch may not have the same level of notoriety among casual Marvel fans as his brother Johnny Blaze does, but he does other Barton Blaze’s son has led his own history of demonic twists since his introduction in 1990. After his debut, Danny took over the role… until Johnny called Blaze to see if the new Ghost Rider was as much of a threat as he seemed.

Over time, the canon was rewritten to make Danny and Johnny biological brothers who were separated to prevent the Spirits of Vengeance from uniting (since the combined power would be too great for anyone to control) . In modern times, Danny has transformed from Ghost Rider to Death Rider, a spirit of corruption, and there’s no sign his offbeat life is about to end.

5 speed demon

The creation of the Amalgam universe brought DC and Marvel fans a gallery of crossover and mash-up characters, but few can match the might of speed demon Blaze Allen. The union of Johnny Blaze and Barry Allen, Speeder #1 by Howard Mackie, James Felder, Salvador Larroca and Al Milgrom combined both characters’ backstories (and DC demonology) in more complicated ways than expected.

Instead of binding his soul to the powers of Zarathos, this spirit of vengeance was bound to DC’s own demon Etrigan. As any Flash fan can surmise, the powers of Flash and Ghost Rider meant the Speed ​​Demon would instantly defeat some of both universes’ most powerful cosmic characters.

6 Robbie Reyes

Robbie Reyes took on the role of Ghost Rider in Earth-616 Continuity, notable for his flaming hot rod, the Hell Charger. He shares the same powers with other versions and has also inherited mystical powers from his uncle Eli, including the ability to teleport long distances by creating Hellfire portals.

This ability came in handy when Robbie Reyes demonstrated the ability to drive through space in his car. He even kept pace with the Silver Surfer, who used to be among Galactus’ most powerful heralds. Rising in power throughout the comics, Reyes has recently emerged as arguably the most powerful form of the Ghost Rider…

7 ghost hammer

Ghost Hammer fuses multiple Marvel Super Heroes into one to create a powerful Ghost Rider variant. Ghost Hammer emerges from it infinity distortions, the 2018 crossover in which Gamora used the Infinity Stones to connect characters. Formed from Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Thor, and Iron Man, he used all of their individual powers to create a nightmare come true.

Armed with Mjolnir, Ghost Hammer instantly ranked among the most powerful Thor variants in Marvel Comics and was functionally a god commanding supernatural powers beyond imagination.

8 Cosmic Spirit Rider

It may sound impossible, but the Cosmic Ghost Rider from Marvel’s future wields even greater powers than a regular Spirit of Vengeance. This variant of Frank Castle not only acts as the avatar of the spirit of vengeance, but also possesses the cosmic power after Galactus chose him as his herald (giving power over matter, energy, reality, and even enhancing penance abilities). ).

Castle unleashes the cosmic stare of penitence that turns even the mightiest beings to ash. He also travels through space and time faster than the speed of light on his infernal cycle. Though Ghost Riders can and do die, this variant gained immortality thanks to the tremendous powers he possesses. Also, he became a loving father to Thanos, the closest he got after kidnapping him as a baby (yes, really).

9 Ghost Riders

Spirit Rider arguably surpasses Cosmic Ghost Rider as she ended up being among the most powerful Sorcerer Supreme versions in Marvel Comics. Kushala, an Apache woman, supported her election as the next Ghost Rider, studying the magical traditions of her own people and developing skills to rival Doctor Strange’s.

Her powers allow her to physically travel between different dimensions and realities, something Doctor Strange can only do through astral projection. However, since she is also a ghost rider, she has the ability to do so while simultaneously riding a horse on fire.

10 All Riders

Robbie Reyes evolves into an all-rider Avengers forever #9, a singular being in the famous Marsvel multiverse. In issue #11, Robbie discovers that in his higher form he lacks tangible limits to his power or potential agency over reality. He turns everything he touches into hellfire, including cosmically powerful beings like the Celestials, who wield power over time and space themselves.

By extending Hellfire to creatures and objects with such inherent power, All-Rider gains control over them… and, in turn, their abilities. He controls not only souls, but also life and death as well as space and time on a multiversal level.

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