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A TikToker has spoken out about some of the biggest “culture shocks” she experienced after moving from the US to the UK.

The TikToker, who goes by the username @schlond.poofaa, took to the platform last month to reveal the biggest differences she’s noticed since moving from New Jersey to Wales.

And it’s fair to say the student has had to get used to some pretty big changes. Don’t worry UK people, surprisingly it’s not just bad things that the student noticed:

The first big change Em has had to adjust to is a “little thing with old people” in the UK, with the student noticing that “a lot of old ladies here dye their hair pink or purple.”

“I don’t know why, I guess it’s just a bit of a trend for them,” she says. “And this is the perfect solution for white hair.”

And that’s not the only positive thing Em has to say about life in the UK, although her next point is a little more controversial.

It’s fair to say that Wales is very different to New Jersey. Photo credit: TikTok/@schlond.poofaa

“And I take the exchange rate into account. […] Like I got a steak for £3.99 which is about $5. And I think that’s crazy because […] At home it would be $10 to $15,” she adds.

Admittedly, that’s probably true, especially since Em is studying in Wales. However, I’m not sure everyone would find the prices in the UK to be a positive thing, especially Londoners.

The food comparisons don’t stop there either. Em points out that “all bacon” in the UK is Canadian bacon.

However, Em isn’t such a big fan of the “mushy” variety of bacon or the “weird” pizza, and she finds it strange that Walker’s chips are the same as Lay’s but have a different name.

Em was confused after seeing Walker’s chips. Photo credit: TikTok/@schlond.poofaa

Another alarming shock to the system for Em was that some children in the UK were “cursing their parents”.

Luckily, she saw the funny side when she realized that people in Britain mock American accents just as Americans mock British accents.

Although she can’t understand what some people in the UK say so well – or maybe it’s just those with a Welsh accent in the area where she now lives – Em noted that “diction doesn’t seem to be a big deal here” .

And overall, Em claims that people in the UK are simply ruder as she has noticed that she isn’t greeted as often when entering shops.

She says: “In America we are very fake friendly, here not many people are fake friendly. A lot of people are grumpy.”

Oh, and according to Em, “everyone hates Liverpool for some reason.”

Well, that pretty much sums up Britain I think.

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