The equalizer 3In the main role Denzel Washington, has accumulated $182.6 million worldwide after being in theaters for almost two months. The film’s total domestic grosses currently stand at $91.5 million, while the film grossed $91.1 million internationally. This weekend, the sequel grossed another $2.6 million overseas while playing on over 3,700 screens in 50 markets.

On Friday, October 20th, The equalizer 3 landed at number 11 at the domestic box office, the same position as the week before, with a box office gross of $140,000 at the end of the business day. The equalizer 3 exceeded both Barbie And Oppenheimer, which landed at #13 and #14 respectively at the domestic box office this Friday. This came after a stellar debut over Labor Day weekend, where The equalizer 3 landed at No. 1 with $42 million.

The equalizer 3 performs impressively considering it’s been out for almost two months and is already available digitally; However, the crown at the box office goes to Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour which still holds the No. 1 spot, earning $10.4 million domestically on Friday alone. Martin Scorsese Flower Moon Killer debuted at number 2 and grossed over $9 million on its first day in theaters.

Who plays the main role in “The Equalizer 3”?

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The equalizer 3 follows Washingtonian Robert McCall as he tries to protect his newly found adopted family from mafia bosses in southern Italy. The film is directed Antoine Fuqua based on a script by Richard Wenk. The sequel stars alongside Washington Dakota Fanning, Eugenio MastrandreaAnd David Denman.

The equalizer 3 has a budget of $70 million, making the film quite profitable. The film is rated R for strong bloody violence and some language and runs one hour and 49 minutes. The first film in the franchise was released in 2014, while a sequel, The equalizer 2was published in 2018. The equalizer The film franchise is based on the famous 80s series of the same name Michael Sloan And Richard Lindheim. Stay tuned to Collider for updates.

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