• Prime Video’s Anansi Boys officially began filming in January 2022, but updates on its progress have been sporadic.
  • Good Omens co-showrunner Douglas Mackinnon reportedly left Anansi Boys in November 2022 during post-production.
  • Neil Gaiman, the original writer, revealed that the episodes of Anansi Boys are “screen locked” and are currently in the process of completing visual effects.

Prime Video’s long-awaited television adaptation American Gods Spinoff novel Anansi boys has received a new update from original author Neil Gaiman. Based on the story of the twin sons of the Ghanaian trickster god Anansi, or Mr. Nancy (previously played by Orlando Jones in Starz’s). American Gods Filming for the new series officially began in January 2022. However, updates on progress have been sporadic.

On Thursday, deadline reported that former Good omens Co-showrunner Douglas Mackinnon has also reportedly exited Anansi boys in November last year, just as it was going into post-production. Despite the setback that came with the loss of Mackinnon, Gaiman had some positive news about the project’s progress when a fan recently reached out and asked about the upcoming show.

I would like to point out that filming continues Anansi boys was filmed at the same time Good omens Season 2, Gaiman was asked if he had any further news about the series’ release date. Although the author didn’t give a specific answer, he revealed that the series’ episodes are “Image locked” while recently striking the Writers Guild of America and the show’s visual effects are now complete.

Will The Anansi Boys Continue Neil Gaiman’s Streaming Series on TV?

Between the overwhelming success of shows like Prime Video’s Good omens and Netflix The Sandman, adaptations of Gaiman’s works are quickly dominating the streaming television landscape. Already hailed as one of the most successful fantasy authors of the modern era, studios and streaming services are increasingly turning to Gaiman’s impressive back catalog to mine for their next potential hit.

While various attempts to bring his work to the screen have met with varying degrees of success over the years, many projects have been like the original plans for one Sandman The film was famously stalled for decades, but recently Gaiman seems to be increasingly jumping from one streaming success to the next. This trend was also greatly encouraged by his direct involvement in some of the latter and more successful projects, which helped his original concepts to be interpreted far more faithfully.

Apparently Gaiman was both co-writer and co-showrunner with Mackinnon before leaving himself Anansi boys has the potential to continue its impressive streak of successful shows. Additionally, his decision to co-write the series with comedian Lenny Henry, who originally inspired the story and also provided the narration for the official audiobook, promises audiences an interesting addition to Gaiman’s ever-growing list of shows.

Source: Neil Gaiman/Tumblr, Deadline

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