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Esteemed Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins has led a career of unparalleled consistency and dignity. Like many of his eminent British colleagues, Hopkins cut his teeth at the Royal National Theater, where he pursued a deep passion for Shakespeare and particularly enjoyed a performance of Shakespeare King Learhis favorite play by the immortal British playwright.

Hopkins pursued a stable theater career until the late 1980s, notably winning the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award in 1985 for his performance in the David Hare play Pravda. This honor was reinforced for Hopkins by the knowledge that as a young actor he had been recognized and welcomed at the National Theater by Olivier himself.

Although Hopkins fully transitioned into a prolific film career in the 1990s, a period highlighted by his Oscar-winning performance in The silence of the Lambs, he had starred in major films a decade earlier. His early film roles include the one from 1968 The lion tamer, 1977s A bridge too far and David Lynch’s highly acclaimed biopic, The Elephant Manin 1980.

In 1980, Hopkins also starred in Richard Lang’s comedy-drama A change of seasons. not how The Elephant ManThe film was a critical and commercial disappointment, grossing only $7.2 million on a budget of $6 million. The atmosphere of misery that surrounded the film was compounded by the rift between Hopkins and his on-screen partner, Shirley MacLaine – and may have been a reason for its failure.

After the film’s disappointment and a humiliating Razzie nomination, Hopkins described MacLaine as “the most disgusting actress I’ve ever worked with.”

During a 2014 interview with the New York Post, MacLaine was reminded of Hopkins’ comments and expressed mutual displeasure. “I didn’t like him either, but he was on the rocks at the time and it was hard for him,” she said, referring to Hopkins’ alcoholism in the 1970s and his newfound sobriety at the time of filming.

Hopkins wasn’t alone in his dislike of MacLaine either. Don Siegel, the director who worked with MacLaine on the filming of Clint Eastwood’s western Two mules for Sister Sarah, once complained that it was “hard to feel much warmth for her” and added that MacLaine was “too unfeminine and had too much guts.” She’s very, very tough.”

Watch the trailer A change of seasons below.

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