Barbenheimer was not only known in the cinema; They were also linked on Google.

When the search engine released its hottest titles of 2023, two films landed at the top of the Google Trends list: Barbie And Oppenheimer. It’s further compelling evidence that releasing these two very different films in theaters on the same day has resulted in both films gaining notoriety. These two will just be connected forever, right?

Here are the rest of the hot movie titles of 2023, according to Google…

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An interesting detail: No fewer than four of the ten most Googled films of 2023 were Universal releases: Cocaine bear, Five nights at Freddy’s, The Super Mario Bros. movieAnd Oppenheimer. I don’t know if that means Universal marketed their films better or if they just released the titles that audiences had the most questions about. In any case, it’s interesting to watch.

It’s also interesting to see what films are not on the list. Normally you expect a film like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania or The Lightning be here; These were films full of practical comic stories designed to get viewers asking questions about their villains, their Easter eggs, and their cliffhangers. But both films flopped – and neither made it onto this list. (The only superhero film to make it onto Google Trends in 2023 was the relatively straightforward – but far more popular – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.)

It’s also nice to see Everything everywhere at once on the list even though it came out in 2022 – obviously, with all the hand-wringing over whether the Oscars even matter anymore, winning a Best Picture award actually makes a difference to a film’s profile.

In other Google Trends news: The most Googled actors of the year were Jeremy Renner and Jamie Foxx (both of whom had major health problems), while the top trend was “Passing” late Friends Lead actor Matthew Perry. The #1 TV show of 2023 was The last of us.

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