Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Rick and Morty Season 7, Episode 4.


  • The post-credits scene for Rick and Morty Season 7, Episode 4 confirms that interdimensional travel is a necessary addition to the series’ canon.
  • The series’ lack of interdimensional travel in the first half of season six makes its crazy sci-fi plots difficult to understand.
  • The existence of a multiverse in Rick and MortyThe universe allows for random and unpredictable twists and turns that contribute to the series’ anarchic narrative style.

While Rick and Morty The post-credits scene of Season 7, Episode 4 could be a surreal vignette, The moment proves that a big twist in Season 6 was a good decision. Rick and Morty occasionally leans into the series’ canon, but largely ignores its continuity in the first few seasons. In order to maintain the status quo of the show, Rick and Morty often avoids big reveals about the mechanics of the series’ universe. That’s why it’s so surprising when the season five finale explains – and then destroys – the central finite curve.

This complicated concept involves the systemic oppression and torture of countless Mortys, but allows Ricks to travel between all dimensions whenever they want. From Rick and Morty In Season 7, the central finite curve is long gone, but the series’ heroes still travel between dimensions at will. That’s because Rick and Morty In Season 6, Episode 6, “JuRicksic Mort,” hyperintelligent dinosaurs gift Rick with an alternative method of interdimensional travel. This effectively reset the series’ canon and allowed the series to return to it Rick and Morty‘s version of normality.

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Rick & Morty Season 7, Episode 4 shows the value of the multiverse

Throughout the entire history of Rick and Morty Season 7, Episode 4, “That’s Amorte,” relies on the characters being able to travel between planets and galaxies. This is proven by the last moment of the excursion Rick and Morty requires interdimensional travel. Like previous post-credits stingers Rick and Morty The post-credits scene in Season 7, Episode 4 is completely absurd. In the bizarre scene, a group of intelligent vacuum cleaners recreate the final scenes of “That’s Amorte” when they discover that vacuum cleaner bags are made by dying tree people. Even in context, the segment is as surreal as it sounds.

But it is precisely the absurdity of this moment that proves it Rick and Morty must restore his version of the multiverse. The scene depicts a moment from the end of “That’s Amorte”, but all human characters are replaced with talking vacuum cleaners and tree people. It’s a scene that wouldn’t work if, as in the first half of season six, Rick and Morty Season 7 didn’t have any interdimensional travel. By momentarily delving into an alternate reality, the series manages to mock its own plot and make an already strange episode even stranger. Needless to say, this post-credits scene is like that Rick and Morty The first stinger of season seven highlights the episode.

Rick and Morty have always needed interdimensional travel

Before the dinosaurs resume interdimensional travel midway through Season 6, Rick and Morty briefly struggles to understand the series’ crazy sci-fi plots without the option of suddenly moving to another planet. The fact that the series can now venture into a world where, for example, people’s insides turn into spaghetti after they die (as happens in the opening scene of Season 7, Episode 4) gives the series more freedom in storytelling. What does Rick and MortyThe show’s anarchic storylines are these random, unpredictable twists, and the existence of a multiverse equivalent in the show’s universe makes these ever more prevalent.

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