Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for mayor of London, told LBC she was stolen on the London Underground. (LBC/X)

Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for the London mayoral election, has been ridiculed over claims that her card wallet was stolen on the London Underground.

After it was lost on a trip, it was later returned to Hall with all of its contents – including cash. The mayoral candidate used the incident to criticize “Sadiq Kahn’s London” and explain why she will be successful in next year’s election.

Speaking to LBC, Hall detailed the bizarre incident in which she was allegedly robbed and lost her Oyster card wallet, which contained her travel card, business cards and some cash, before an unknown person returned the wallet to her.

“I have to tell you, I’m the luckiest woman in the world because I actually got it back,” she told radio host Nick Ferrari.

It wasn’t until the end of her trip that she realized her card wallet was missing, she said.

“I have very, very deep pockets in my winter coat where I keep it or store it. I’ll never do that again, I’ll lock it in my purse.”

Hall claimed that during her journey from Westminster to Pinner on the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines in the afternoon someone was “messing around next to me and pushing and shoving”.

She said when she got home she received a call from someone who saw a person sitting on her Oyster card holder. The caller recognized her thanks to her business cards.

Hall said the caller asked the person sitting on the card if it was his, to which he replied “no” and handed the card over so she could call Hall and return it.

However, Hall, a former Conservative leader in the London Parliament, described the incident as a crime.

“In Sadiq Khan’s London, thefts are up 31 percent and robberies are up 58 percent. Last year was the highest pickpocketing year in the metro,” she said, urging people to stay safe.

“Crime is a number one issue,” she concluded.

According to, police reports of theft increased by 47 percent between 2021 and 2022, with 98,781 criminal reports received.

Many listeners on X/Twitter pointed out the inconsistencies in Hall’s story, and one user mockingly added sad music to her interview.

Another mocked Hall’s interview, posting: “They’re making a movie out of this crushingly boring non-story and Laurence Fox narrowly missed out on the role of Susan Hall.”

And one social media user wrote: “Daily garbage collection calendars are even more exciting.”

Many believed it was not a pickpocket and claimed Hall simply dropped her card case and returned it.

According to The Guardian, she was asked to resign in October after a poll showed that two-thirds of Londoners thought her social media activity was racist.

The result of the poll found that Hall, who was supported by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, allegedly liked racist tweets on the platform.

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