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  • Reality shows blur the lines between heroes and villains Sell ​​Sunset, with actors determined to cast Nicole Young as the antagonist.
  • The focus on the actors’ fashion choices and hairstyles gives the impression of a fashion show rather than a real estate show.
  • The lack of genuine animosity and compelling narratives is evident in the series, as the interpersonal conflicts resemble more of a high school drama than compelling storylines.

In every show there is a hero and a villain, someone to root for and someone to despise. But what happens when it’s a reality show and no one wants to be the villain? In Sell ​​Sunset on Netflix, The lines between heroes and villains are blurringespecially since some of the actors seemed determined to take on a role Nicole Young as an antagonist after the departure of Christine Quinn two seasons ago.

The show is a reality series about real estate agents from the region Oppenheim group in Los Angeles. These women do not fit the typical image of a real estate agent. They are beautiful, slim and tall and resemble models or soap opera actresses. Chrishell Stausea former soap opera actress, is one of them who has appeared in All my children And Days of our lives. Other agents, like Bre Tiesi And Emma Hernan, also have a modeling background. While Million Dollar Listing (LA and NY) focuses on multi-million dollar real estate transactions, Sell ​​Sunset takes a different approach and combines the dynamics of The Real Housewives with Million Dollar Listingsand deals with the agents’ personal lives and interactions.

The potential for cut-throat competition and backstabbing among real estate agents wanting to be top sellers is overshadowed by the cast’s efforts to get more screen time, resulting in forced drama and animosity toward their chosen target. Chelsea Lazkani criticized Tiesi for having a baby with her occasional partner Nick Cannon, who seems to have a baby with every woman he has ever dated and has 12 children in total!

Nicole called Emma Hernan a “social climber” because of her friendship with Chrishell., and was rejected by her colleagues who sided with Hernan. Besties Stause and Amanza Smith argued because Chrishell skipped the dinner she invited them to in Cabo San Lucas. She left her an angry video message. Amanza assumed Chrishell skipped dinner because she didn’t want to see it Mari Lou Nurk, Jason Oppenheimwas his girlfriend at the time. All of these petty arguments seem contrived and lack conviction. The interpersonal conflicts are more like a high school drama than compelling storylines.

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Outfits and hairstyles are the focus of “Selling Sunset.”

Image via Netflix

Despite the series’ strong start in 2019, the lack of genuine hostility and compelling narratives is evident. Beautiful lists take a back seat to everyday conversations between performers who struggle to find meaningful topics. The excessive focus on the cast’s fashion choices and hairstyles gives the impression of a fashion show rather than a real estate show. The rare depiction of agents selling real estate raises questions about their involvement and sparks speculation about possible day jobs for some of the agents outside of the show.

While the series touches on real-world issues such as: Mary FitzgeraldThe discovery of the pregnancy and subsequent septic miscarriage, as well as Chrishell’s short-lived romance with Jason due to conflicting views on having children, are not enough to sustain interest. The general lack of authentic friendships or animosity between the cast suggests that they only come together to film, which makes any on-screen drama feel forced and artificial.

Perhaps Sell ​​Sunset should refocus on showcasing real estate listings rather than highlighting agents. This shift could ease the current monotony and revive viewer interest. Season 7 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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