The Times Good University Guide is officially here! Millions of university rankings are published every year, but the Times ranking is definitely one of the most prestigious.

The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide rates 132 different universities across the country on the following factors: quality of teaching, student satisfaction, number of graduates getting jobs or doing postgraduate study, and number of students completing their studies complete .

The Times University Rankings 2024 also shows how universities perform in terms of social inclusion (how many private students they accept compared to state schools) and which universities are the best for each subject. The full list and the 2024 university ranking can be found here.

So, based on the Times Uni Rankings, here are officially the best universities in the UK:

20. University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow narrowly makes the top 20 and is the 20th best university in the UK. Nine out of 10 pupils in Strathclyde are down two places from last year and are state school educated, and 13.4 per cent of pupils are from minority ethnic backgrounds. It is also the fourth hardest university in the UK according to UCAS points.

19. University of Aberdeen

Another Scottish university, the University of Aberdeen, comes in 19th place. Aberdeen, the UK’s fifth oldest university, is ranked seventh in the anthropology category and is in the top 20 for the third year in a row due to its “focus on active learning and community building, complemented by virtual learning services”.

18. University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield has moved up to 18th from 20th last year. According to The Times, the increase is due to improved university prospects and the rise of eight places in the research quality index.

17. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton has fallen one place in last year’s Times Uni Rankings to become the 17th best university in the UK. Although student satisfaction is higher than most other Russell groups, Southampton has fallen 14 places in social inclusion this year and is now 110th.

16. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is in 16th place, falling one place compared to last year. It is the fifth best university for freshmen entering their second year of study and is ranked sixth for research quality.

15. University of York

At number 15, the University of York has risen two places in the rankings this year. This is its highest position since 2015. York ranks third among all Russell Group universities for social inclusion and ninth for research quality. It ranks in the top 10 in several subjects, including fifth place in science.

14. Lancaster University

Lancaster University is just ahead of its rival York and is ranked 14th in the UK. Although it has fallen two places compared to last year, it is in the top 10 in many subjects, including art and design.

13. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has moved down three places this year and is now 13th in the top 10. It is eighth in social policy, but performs extremely poorly in student satisfaction at 112th .

12. University of Glasgow

At 12th place, Glasgow has moved up two places in the Times university rankings compared to last year. It is also number one for nursing and veterinary medicine and second for medicine in the UK. Ranking second in admissions standards based on UCAS points, Glasgow is the second hardest university in the UK.

11. University of Exeter

With its 13th place finish last year, the University of Exeter has moved up two places in the Times’ 2024 university rankings. Exeter ranks third in theology and religious studies and is eighth in the number of first-year students staying at university for their second year.

10. Loughborough University

Loughborough University has risen one place compared to last year to become the tenth best university in the UK. The Times ranked it fifth in sports science and student experience, saying it was “arguably the best facilities in a square mile anywhere in the world.”

9. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick remains in the same position as last year, coming in ninth place. Warwick comes first in a number of subjects, including creative writing, and second in politics and business management. It ranks 94th in the social inclusion rankings and admits more private students than state schools.

8. University of Bath

The University of Bath also remains in the same place as last year, coming eighth in the Times 2024 university rankings. Over the last decade, Bath has risen steadily in the rankings and was named Sunday Times University of the Year in 2022, ranking fourth for student experience and retention rates and sixth for university degree prospects.

7. University of Durham

Number seven in the UK, Durham, has fallen one place from last year’s rankings. The University of Durham is also the worst university in the UK for social inclusion and has the second highest proportion of private students in the UK. However, it is tops in a number of subjects, including archeology and forensics.

6. University College London

University College London was also named Times University of the Year and is the sixth best university in the UK. It has the second best staff-to-student ratio and ranks fifth for research quality. UCL topped the rankings in a number of subjects and the Times described it as a “powerhouse of British higher education”.

5. Imperial College London

Imperial College London has fallen one place from last year to become the fifth best university in the UK. With a score of 94.3 percent, it is also in first place for research quality and graduate prospects.

4. London School of Economics

LSE tops the Times University Rankings in a range of subjects, including psychology, and is the fourth best British university in the UK. LSE remains in the same overall position as last year and is also the third best university in terms of research quality and retention rate.

3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the third best university in the UK for the third year in the same position. It is at the top of the rankings in many subjects such as chemistry and computer science. Neither Oxford nor Cambridge publish student satisfaction data, but Cambridge also tops the list when it comes to the number of first-year students applying for second year.

2. Oxford University

The University of Oxford narrowly missed out on the top spot and is officially the second best university in the UK. Compared to last year, Oxford has fallen one place to take first place in a number of subjects, including medicine, classics and biological sciences. Despite scoring poorly in social inclusion at 109th place, it has improved nine places compared to last year’s ranking.

1. University of St Andrews

St Andrews has moved up one place from last year to become the top university in the UK. St Andrews, which also tops the Guardian’s rankings, has improved its university prospects and student-to-staff ratio, leading to its top spot, according to The Times.

St Andrews also has one of the most international student populations of any UK university. It has the most ethnically diverse student population, but also the lowest proportion of non-selective students in Scotland.

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