A FerroMex train from Zacatecas, Mexico, heading toward the U.S. southern border was packed with migrants hanging on the sides of the carriages cheering, a video shows.

The train was captured on video Sunday, even as the U.S. sent a stern message to migrants: “Don’t come.”

Border patrol officers along the southern border have encountered an overwhelming number of illegal border crossings.

ILLEGAL CROSSINGS IN TEXAS are on the rise as families with children migrate to the southern border in large groups

In Ajo, Arizona, for example, there were 2,000 illegal crossings per day for several consecutive days last week, forcing officials to resort to street releases because shelters were overcrowded. Among the migrants are people from Africa.

Well over 20,000 migrants were in Border Patrol custody in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley last month, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source.

The caravans heading toward the southern border included families with infants and children, as well as unaccompanied minors.


FerroMex train from Mexico heads toward southern border, full of migrants despite warning not to go to US (Fox News)

Of the families stopped along the Rio Grande Valley, many were released with a later court date.

The Biden administration is considering forcing migrants entering the U.S. to stay in Texas illegally while they await their asylum review.

Administration officials called the plan a way to stem the flow of illegal immigrants at the southern border. The plan also calls for the introduction of ankle bracelets to locate migrants who are actually caught. But the government sued Texas to force it to remove a barrier the state built in the Rio Grande to curb historic levels of illegal migration. The Biden administration also sued Arizona over its construction of a barrier made of shipping containers on the border with Mexico.

BIDEN faces a revolt from blue state Democrats over the immigration crisis

FerroMex train cars full of migrants are heading towards the southern border of the USA. (Fox News)

The migrants would undergo an asylum review to determine whether they can remain in the United States. Officials have talked about working with local groups to provide housing for the migrants.

Since May, DHS has deported or sent back over 200,000 people, the agency said.

“DHS is engaged in ongoing policy and operational discussions about how we can use our authorities to ensure a fair, humane, and effective immigration process that efficiently deports those who do not have a lawful basis for being in the country,” the DHS statement said.

Texas operates a bus program to transport migrants to “sanctuary cities” such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles to provide aid to border cities.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott argues that Texas cities have borne the burden of illegal immigration and “sanctuary cities” must share that burden.

“Texas has bused over 35,000 migrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities,” he wrote earlier this month on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “Over 11,300 to DC, over 13,300 to NYC, over 6,700 to Chicago, over 2,600 to Philadelphia, over 1,000 to Denver, over 480 to LA.”

Greg Wehner is a breaking news reporter for Fox News Digital.

Source : www.foxnews.com

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