• After a long wait for new content StarCraft Franchise fans of RTS games can look forward to Storm Gatea new RTS currently being developed by Ex-StarCraft Developer.
  • Storm Gate has attracted the attention of experts Starcraft 2 players, suggesting it may offer high-quality, competitive gameplay.
  • While an official release date for Storm Gate has yet to be announced, closed beta testing began on July 1, 2023.

Although Starcraft 2 is considered to be arguably the best real-time strategy game of all time, seven years have passed since the last expansion for the title, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void, was released, so those who like RTS games have been lacking content for the past decade. While other RTS games have certainly come to market, such as the one from 2023 Company of Heroes 3no one has reached these lofty heights Starcraft 2 takes place in the 2000s. In fact, it was mostly that StarCraft And Warcraft RTS titles that spawned an entire professional esports industry in which players from all over the world competed for what were then incredibly high cash prizes.

So eager for a new game in the franchise, a Bloomberg article describing a new title in the franchise StarCraft The franchise excited people because of the prospect of a new game. According to the reporting, it’s not because there’s a lack of trying something new StarCraft Game was created. Many Blizzard employees who had worked on RTS titles had left the company over the years. When asked, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra was open to the prospect of something new StarCraft game, although it could also appear in the form of another genre, such as the ill-fated one Starcraft: Ghost which lay dormant in development for almost a decade before being completely canceled.

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Former Starcraft developers are working on Stormgate

Fortunately, for fans of the RTS genre of video games, there may or may not be a light at the end of the tunnel StarCraft game at all. While most who have enjoyed the series over the years probably have a nostalgic connection to characters like Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor, the real problem for competitive players is the lack of a modern alternative to it SC2. Stormgate is a new RTS is currently being developed by the creators of popular Blizzard franchises like Warcraft 3 And Starcraft 2.

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Frost Giant Studios, the studio developing the game, is led by CEO Tim Morten and President Tim Campell. Morten has long been a thought leader in the RTS industry former production manager of StarCraft II And C&C: Generals 2. Campell is another industry veteran and was previously the Game director of Wasteland 3 and the lead campaign designer of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. At their side are talented former Blizzard employees, including artists and designers who were involved in development StarCraft And Warcraft Universes that are as popular as they are today.

Stormgate is involved in professional SC2 players

Storm Gate has been in development for several years at this point and has attracted a lot of attention Starcraft 2 professional esports players, such as Dutch Protoss player Harstem and German Zerg player TLO. This input from top players bodes well for the competitive quality of the title when it finally releases. After all, it is StarCraft And Warcraft Franchises of RTS games took years of balance tweaks and patch fixes to get them to the state that so many remember to this day.

Storm Gate will also have a deep single player story for those not trying to climb the multiplayer ladder.

The company doesn’t just work with professional players to market Storm Gatebut the company actually employs people who have also contributed significantly to its support StarCraft Community, including organizations like Team Liquid and Day[9]TV. This concerted effort to connect with the community of people who have made it SC2 And WC3 is something that die-hard fans will really appreciate.

Stormgate is currently in closed beta testing

Although there is no official release date for Storm Gate At the time of writing, closed beta testing for the game began on July 1, 2023 and will last until 2024. During this time, developers will focus on testing and core 1v1 gameplay features. People can sign up for the beta on the official website Storm Gate Website. Not much was revealed about it Storm Gate, but a three-minute gameplay reveal gives people an idea of ​​what to expect from the new title. Two factions have been announced so far, but a third faction remains a mystery.

The aesthetic seems to be a combination Warcraft 3 And Starcraft 2, with fast-paced, micro-intensive skirmishes and the typical macro base building. The humanoid faction is similar to the Terrans Starcraft 2, with dropships microscoping and repositioning mobile armies. The Demon faction looks similar to the Zerg, with melee units similar to the Zerglings. Although it is currently unknown, the third faction could be something like Protoss, with stronger individual units in army compositions. Not to mention, the developers haven’t revealed how many races there will be, suggesting theories of more than three playable factions.

A spiritual successor

However, only time will tell if Storm Gate will compete with the popularity of StarCraft At its peak, by all indications it will follow in the footsteps of iconic titles like Warcraft 3 And Starcraft 2. While it’s still uncertain whether people in general are craving an RTS – as other popular genres like ARGs and MOBAs have dominated the gaming charts in recent years – those who enjoy the strategic gameplay of real-time strategy titles should Be excited about the upcoming game release of the game.

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After all, it’s been so long since a popular RTS took society by storm (Pun intended), And Storm Gate could be the game to introduce the video game genre to a whole new Gen Z audience. With the advent of technically complex titles like construction mechanics Fourteen daysIt’s more than possible that younger gamers of a new generation will fall in love with the complex gameplay that RTS titles can offer. That’s not even mentioning the game’s large international audience, as South Korea has always been considered and famous as the country with the best RTS players in the world StarCraft Superstars are known to many in the mainstream.

While the future of Storm Gate Things are definitely looking up, but time and public response will ultimately determine whether the new game has widespread appeal. However, if you are looking for a brand new RTS alternative Starcraft 2 should take a look Storm Gate for themselves.

Source: Bloomberg, Frost Giant Studios/YouTube, Stormgate

Editor’s Note: The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, alleging the company has engaged in abuse, discrimination and retaliation against its female employees. Activision Blizzard has denied the allegations. Full details of the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard (Content Warning: Rape, Suicide, Abuse, Harassment) will be updated as new information becomes available.

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