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Conservative author Ann Coulter made harsh comments for three of the five Republican presidential candidates who took part in Wednesday’s debate.

“So far, three of the five Republicans want to start wars against China, Russia, Syria and Iran. These people are crazy,” responded Coulter on social media after three Republican candidates spent much of the debate calling for military action against Iran and its allies.

During the debate, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley warned Republicans that Iran, Syria, Russia and China had formed an “unholy alliance” and that America must take military action to protect its interests.

On Iran, Haley said: “We must destroy the infrastructure they use to carry out these attacks so they can never do anything like this again.” Iran responds with strength. You hit them once and then hit them hard and they will back away.”

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) took a similar stance, saying, “If you want to stop the 40-plus attacks on military personnel in the Middle East, you have to strike in Iran.” If you want to make a difference, you can’t just keep attacking warehouses in Syria “You have to actually cut off the head of the snake, and the head of the snake is Iran.”

Scott also called on the United States to “destroy the Russian military as much as possible through Ukraine,” stating, “My foreign policy is simple. You can’t negotiate with evil, you have to destroy it.”

Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie said the United States should “continue to isolate Iran so that its only friends in the world are part of the evil four: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.”

On Russia’s war with Ukraine, Christie said:

Let us remember the last time we turned our backs on armed war in Europe. It only bought us a few years, and then 500,000 Americans were killed in Europe to defeat Hitler. This is not a choice. That is the price we pay for being the leaders of the free world, and the fact is that this alliance is not just with Russia and China. Governor Haley knows this. Iran is also in the middle of this, as is North Korea, and they are all currently working to support Russia.

He concluded: “In 1992, this country made a promise to Ukraine. We said: If you return nuclear missiles that were part of the old Soviet Union to Russia and they attack you, we will protect you. An American promise that is 31 years old is no different than an American promise made on this stage tonight. We must own it, and those of us who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

Vivek Ramaswamy And Ron DeSantis took less aggressive positions than Haley, Scott and Christie.

Ramaswamy pointed to America’s recent history of disastrous and costly conflicts in the Middle East and argued that the United States should focus on its own problems at home, while Ron DeSantis promised: “We will not send your sons and daughters to Ukraine.”

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