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  • The Avengers introduced the tradition of multiple post-credits scenes, with the first featuring Thanos and setting up future storylines.
  • The second post-credits scene in The Avengers shows the six Founder Avengers sitting in silence in a damaged kebab shop for a moment of reflection after the intense battle.
  • The inspiration for the kebab scene came from real events where the director and actors sat in silence after filming an emotionally heavy scene on another TV show. Angel.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an entertainment powerhouse that now boasts an impressive roster of 32 films and several TV shows. Its defining traits include on-point cast and stories packed with story and humor, but what you could call its main feature are the post-credits scenes. Since iron man was published in 2008 and introduces Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury talks about the Avenger Initiative, the franchise became known for teasing its devoted fans with clips that shed light on our heroes’ future adventures. All films were quickly expected to end with these scenes. While most of the MCU’s films premiered and showed those post-credits scenes to audiences lucky enough to see them for the first time, one of them didn’t include them at the time. The Avengersthe first all-star MCU team, didn’t have a post-credits scene at the time of its world premiere — not for reasons of secrecy, but because it hadn’t been filmed yet.

What happens in the post-credits scenes of The Avengers?

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The Avengers started another MCU tradition that most films have followed – with more than one post-credits scene. The first sees the other (Alexis Denisof) informs a very different looking Thanos (Damion Poitier) that Lokis (Tom Hiddleston) The invasion of Earth failed. While previous films poked fun at events that would likely be seen in the film that followed, this film was designed for the long term. Thanos’ performance provided audiences with their first glimpse of the Infinity Saga’s evil, a threat that continued to loom over the rest of Phase 2 and Phase 3 for the Marvel heroes. The second post-credits scene was a fun but warm epilogue, featuring the six founding Avengers taking time to refuel at a kebab restaurant.

The Avengers saw the Chitauri trash in Midtown Manhattan, with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) nearly died while deflecting a government-launched nuclear missile. As he falls back to earth, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) roars him back to life and, with trademark Tony humor, says that now that the fight is over, they should all take a day off and eat shawarma. Initially intended as a funny one-liner, the film’s post-credits scene actually shows them eating shawarma in a very damaged restaurant. Neither of them talk, they just sit and stare at nothing while eating.

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Why was the shawarma scene “The Avengers” filmed?

Image via Marvel Studios

Entertainment Weekly provided more details The AvengersThe backdrop to the shawarma scene is highlighted, as Downey Jr. hinted at a press conference on April 12, 2012 — the day after the world premiere — that the cast would reunite later that day to shoot a final portion of the film . By the time, Chris Evans was in the middle of the shooting snowpiercerTherefore, he had to wear a prosthesis to cover his beard. Because the prosthetics made him look more like the penguin than Captain America, he appears in the scene covering his jaw with his fist.

The Avengers director Joss Whedon is known for giving his characters those moments where they can either feel joy, sorrow, sadness, or whatever emotion they have. However, the inspiration for the shawarma scene came from the real events that happened after the filming Angelis the most heartbreaking episode of “A Whole in the World”. In the episode Fred (Amy Acker) slowly dies in Wesley’s (Denisof again!) arms after her body is invaded by a parasitic presence. Denisof has explained that he, Whedon and Acker went out for drinks after filming the scene and did nothing. They just sat there, absorbing what had happened and giving themselves a much-needed break. The Avengers kebab scene is just that, translated into a superhero movie.

In 2012, the MCU’s post-credits scenes were already gaining momentum, not just because of what they showed, but because there was a real sequel. Since Thanos had already appeared in the first post-credits scene, one would have expected there to be more in the second. But not only was the shawarma scene fun, it was a time to realize what had just happened, not only for the heroes on the big screen, but for us as an audience. The Avengers was the first pinnacle of a true live-action superhero team to build since 2008 and delivered all the comic book thrills. Perhaps some superhero movie tropes have become tiresome in recent years, but there are always scenes like this that give you a break.

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