Why is the answer I get completely different than everyone else’s please?

There’s a math question going viral on Twitter at the moment that appears to have split a group chat as people are getting different answers to the sum. The question is 60÷5(7-4), so yes, it’s another mathematical equation that drives us all crazy.

But it’s not just that Twitter is losing its mind over this amount. Since it was first posted, the equation has made its way to TikTok, Reddit forums, and YouTube videos – all with people explaining how they arrived at their answer.

So what is it? Here’s the answer and why everyone argues for different results.

Ok, what is 60÷5(7-4) = ?

It seems that everyone gets two answers, either four or 36. People who get four made the parentheses first, which is correct, and simplified the sum to 60 ÷ 5(3). Then they expanded the last part of the total again and came to 60 ÷ 15, which is four.

However, there is an error in this calculation. According to the rules of BODMAS or PEDMAS – depending on what you were taught in school – once you have expanded the parentheses, you should do division in the sum before multiplication. So you should go from 60 ÷ 5(3) to 12(3), which is 36.

If you type the question into Google calculator you will also get an answer of 36.

A guy on TikTok posed the question to the public and asked someone to clarify it. They got 36, which the poster agreed with, but even then the comments were divided.

Anyway, my head hurts and now I want to lie down.

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